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Monthly archives for August, 2014

Some tips on winning in FIFA 15 for y...

fifa tips
Tens of thousands of people want to buy FIFA 15 coins so they can start their own online competitions and each of them is a potential competitor for your team. If you do not want to waste any more time and you want to be sure you will get in touch with the best site in order to buy fifa 15 coins xbox one. A lot of the news about the FIFA 15 [...]

FIFA 15 coins allow you to create you...

FIFA ultimate team is the objective of every experienced online FIFA gamer. In case you are tired of playing this game limited to your house, and want to show your talent and impose your favorite club players to the entire world, you may make it happen, and build a fantasy club. You can select your team and acquire any player which you need, [...]

How to Take Full Advantage of Mainten...

  To take full advantage of the maintenance method, you should still keep reading more and learn how to optimize it. In this article, you will learn how to choose the right time to bid, which would be very important, even more than using the filters. The method is mainly based on to be the last one to bid the items before the outage or [...]

The Tricks to master free-kicks in FI...

fifa tips
For the most of you, free-kicks can be the hardest aspect of the game to master and we’re here to give you advice on the best tactics and tips to making them a breeze for the rest of the season. Any FK can take an age to master, and it doesn’t go without plenty of practice over time. There are specifically two different types of free-kicks to [...]

Buy Fifa 15 Coins to Build your Dream...

fifa15 coins
Presently it is available right brush; you can brush yourself debilitated as such. Head dairy cattle individuals are not difficult to manufacture a group, my recommendation is brushing a S on the glimmer, you can change the group to another group to the S, after all players go their society, in light of the fact that S speaks to a tremendous [...]