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Monthly archives for December, 2014

Europe authoritative Media Comment th...

Europe authoritative Media Comment the Best Athletes
Organized by the Polish PAP news agency, and all 18 European sporting news agencies participated in the selection of the Annual European Best Athlete award announced that Bayern goalkeeper Neuer ranked second and C Lo listed fourth. If the list same as your prediction? F1 this year’s winner Lewis Hamilton won 82 votes in the first place [...]

FIFA 15 TOTY Packs will be released o...

FIFA 15 TOTY Packs will be released on the January 12
As usual, EA decide to reveal who is in the TOTY (Team Of The Year). This team consists of big names like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and other superstars. Everyone knows that EA will put them in the Gold Player Packs in the end of the year so everyone want to sell their squads to get some FIFA 15 coins to open packs when the TOTY is in p [...]

Christmas gift:EA discount their popu...

cheap FIFA 15 coins
It is Christmas week where lots of new players have the game on Thursday. Meanwhile,if you are expect for the Christmas welfare from EA? Then you won’t disappointed now.Not only EA Sports released a Christmas promotion for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team last week entitled FUTMAS,but also EA is giving the gift that keeps on giving – EA is discoun [...]

Useful defending tips in FIFA15

fifa 15
When you play fifa game,you should understand that defengding is also important . And defending is very different this year in FIFA 15. As someone who’s always been able to get to division one and beat most people in previous fifa’s. Then,let me try to give everyone tips on what we’ve found useful so far. What factors will [...]

Best tips and tricks for FIFA 15

Best tips and tricks for FIFA 15
Whatever you believe it or not,skills and tricks are lovely,there’s more to FIFA 15 than dancing your way around unwitting defenders. A set of ideals need to be in place for you to sustain success, because even the most fancy of tricks can be found out by good players eventually. Whether you are new to the FIFA franchise altogether, or you s [...]

FUT15 servers lssues continue to anno...

FUT15 servers lssues continue to annoy
Maybe you have a favorite app on your mobile device, and it’s receive regular updates from their respective developers in the hopes of improving the overall experience for the user. Unfortunately, there was one favorite application that didn’t receive nearly enough updates, as EA’s FIFA 15 Ultimate Team saw numerous server outages for [...]

Only Needed $400! Destiny PS4 Bundle ...

Christmas is now just one week away, but it’s not too late to score some savings on games. Best Buy has announced a series of last-minute holiday deals, including a really good deal on the PlayStation 4 Destiny bundle. This bundle comes with a glacier white PS4 and matching controller, and a copy of the game. It normally sells for $450, [...]

Real-time Broadcast of Destiny Battle

Real-time Broadcast of Destiny Battle
This is the Destiny of a 2 person game This battle between snipers goes through many stages, all of them hilarious. At first, I’m expecting MoneyLoo to land a crazy shot off a camping sniper through the tiniest crack between stacks of crates. Then it’s a silly back and forth while the two snipers strafe between hiding behind cove [...]

New Song Of Destiny: “Hope for ...

New Song Of Destiny: “Hope for the Future”
Legendary musician appears on Jon Stewart’s show to talk about his new song, “Hope for the Future.” Legendary musician Paul McCartney of Beatles fame appeared on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show last night to talk about, among other things, “Hope for the Future,” his song for Bungie’s FPS Destiny.  [...]

Preemptive! Destiny Game Guide Full P...

We bring fresh destiny Game Guide. First, here’s a quick explainer about the game’s level caps. Destiny technically maxes out character levels at 20. But you can still make your character more powerful by increasing their Light. Rare, legendary and exotic armor all have Light. Wear enough of it and it increases your characterR [...]