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Monthly archives for December, 2014

Paul McCartney To “Destiny̶...

Paul McCartney To "Destiny"
Bungie to create FPS masterpiece “Destiny” No matter how word of mouth, attention is definitely the number one, even the theme song have invited the famous Beatle Paul McCartney personally speak knife, and it’s free! Now this theme song “Hope for the Future” has been officially announced, the next one up and enjo [...]

How To Control to Perform the Skill M...

How To Control to Perform the Skill Moves In FIFA 15?
FIFA 15 Star Skill Moves measures the ability that a player has to perform technical moves. To all skill moves are assigned a number between 1 (least complex) and 5 (most complex). The players with higher skills, as Ronaldo or Neymar, are able to perform more complex moves. If you often use these moves to confuse the opponents, you should pa [...]

Have You Noticed FIFA 15′s Latest Pat...

Have You Noticed FIFA 15′s Latest Patch ?
Recently, EA Sports has released a new patch for FIFA 15 on all platforms.The patch notes were outlined in an official forum post. The update is now live on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Have a look at the patch notes. Added Content & Features New authentic player faces for promoted Barclays Premier League teams Leicester City, Burnley, and Que [...]

Have You Heard About UTfifa15coins.co...

Have You Heard About UTfifa15coins.com VIP System ?
What can you enjoy if you become our VIP Member? Lower Price: UTfifa15coins.com VIP Members can enjoy lifelong VIP discount. Better Service: UTfifa15coins.com VIP Members have the priority to get served fastly. Faster Delivery: UTfifa15coins.com VIP members can enjoy the faster delivery than others. One-to-One Service: UTfifa15 [...]