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Monthly archives for January, 2015

What do you want on FIFA 16

FIFA 16, suggestions,
My brother plays FIFA 15 everyday which spending most of his free time, because FIFA is really an interesting sport game. To be honest, i don’t think it is a perfect game. There are many things that can be improved on, it could be better. Development for FIFA 16 on the XBOX One, PlayStation 4, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, and PC has alread [...]

Some players you can choose to open u...

open up wasteland, you choose, FIFA 15
It’s certain that Ultimate Team is the most grateful mode on FIFA 15, which we can  build our own dream team as we want. We need to buy a cheap players for a good beginning at first. These players below are valuable to buy in my opinion. Palacio Since I start ed FIFA 14, I liked this striker, Palacio. That he became common card from gol [...]

Let’s talk about the end FIFA g...

end FIFA game, 3 points
We can find out some reasons that EA Sport are allowing this to continue easily. These three points is the most important, which we will discuss late. 1.) They have no means of stopping coin generators. 2.) They don’t care, that is, they don’t care about the loss in profits from people spending money on coins rather than FP. 3.) [...]

Thoughts of FIFA 15 players about thi...

third patch,FIFA 15,players
Here comes FIFA 15′s third patch last week when updating, repairing some issues and adding something new . Below are FIFA 15 players thoughts on this upgrade. They should fix ground through balls. You lightly tap “Y” and the ball goes flying past the guy you want to pass too and right in the keepers hands. – Shantmaster_K Did they fix [...]

Top 10 players of FIFA 15 Ultimate Te...

top 10, Ultimate Team, FIFA 15
New seasons of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is coming. There are something different in top 10 players ranking, someone players up and others down. Following is a list of the top 10 best footballers we have compiled when new Ultimate Team mode comes. 1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid/Portugal) Pos: LW; Overall Rating: 92; Average Price: 3,000,000-4 [...]

Tips of Ultimate Team on FIFA 15

tips ,FIFA 15, Ultimate Team
The seasons of upgrading FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is coming, but do you know exactly how to do with it? These tips following can help you in deed. Q: How are players upgraded on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team? A: Different to what happens on other game modes, the players aren’t automatically updated throughout the season according to their appearances i [...]

You can play the FIFA on a taxi in Ch...

taxi, Xbox One, FIFA
To entertain more passengers, a Chilean taxi company and Microsoft mount Xbox One on the taxi, which is a great ideal. How amazing it is! The games available are FIFA 2015, Killer Instinct, and the last two exclusive versions for Xbox One, Sunset Overdrive 2 and Forza Horizon. The stations mounted on the taxi company Taxi Easy come with two [...]

Some disasters in FIFA’s develo...

EA Sport,Disaster,discussing
We all know that FIFA was accused of it’s terribel updating and transfering, and  whether or not it’s entirely a debate that FIFA’s creation all on it’s own. EA Sports overhauls major system to deal with the probiems they meet, but it still seems like more or less the same game as the year before’s.This is what we will [...]

The top 5 of overrated players on FIF...

There are some Premier League players, which is not  as good as we think on FIFA 15. These players are ones whose rating was overestimated at the beginning of the season, or their subsequent real life performances in the Premier League have shown a loss of form not worthy of their original rating. Here is the ranking. 1. MARIO BALOTELLI (LIVE [...]

Some best Irish players on FIFA 15

FIFA 15, best players,
  we have some great players on FIFA 15, they are all brilliant footballers. Let’s have a look. We’ve always been an equal opportunity fictional employer when playing career mode or Ultimate Team in FIFA, but every now and then we do like to give a nod to our compatriots and bring an Irishman in to the team. if, like us, yo [...]