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Blade & Soul: Silverfrost Hongmo...

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New consumables and resources to help you on your journey.The Silverfrost Mountains expansion brings a number of new consumables and resources to help you throughout your adventures to level 50 and beyond.You need more bns gold to prepare for new content. Designs These new clan crafting designs will help you and your clan members stand out wh [...]

Five Steps to Download Blade and Soul...

As we’ve previously reported, Blade and Soul Mobile has officially launched in the Chinese market in the past 07/03. Due to the language barrier, many gamers have difficulty in downloading the game to experience. In fact, gamers using Android OS devices can download the APK file now Blade and Soul Mobile at Home: http://bsm.qq.com/. Ap [...]

Silverfrost Mountains Dungeon Preview...

The upcoming expansion introduces eight new dungeons to the game.With the upcoming Silverfrost Mountains expansion we’re introducing eight exciting new dungeons—five Expert (blue), and three Heroic (purple). While these will present a significant new challenge for even the most highly trained martial artist, the rewards will be even greater, [...]

Take a Lesson for Upgrading Your Weap...

Your weapon in Blade and Soul will grow in power and ability alongside your own. Regardless of the path you take, your weapon will be a consistent tool throughout your journey. From your earliest days of training in your chosen martial art, until your last, your weapon will be your constant throughout. Early in your journeys you’ll come acros [...]

Animation Cancelling of Blade & ...

So it seems Blade & Soul has a few hidden tricks that can be used to noticeably increase damage output.Animation cancelling is not a new thing, and plenty of other games had it before Blade & Soul, with tricks like jump shots in Aion or the ominous Furious Charge bug in Diablo III.Animation cancelling will not affect your blade & [...]