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Square Enix Showed Final Fantasy XIV ...

Through its newsletter, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIV GO, a mobile game that clearly climbs the trend of augmented reality titles like Pokemon GO and Jurassic World: Alive. With this experience, Square Enix is looking for Final Fantasy XIV players to take to the streets to transform their world into a place to obtain resources such [...]

Hunting For Monsters With Path Of Exi...

The creators of the popular network hack’n'slash Path of Exile announced that in just two weeks the Bestiary add-on will be available, offering a huge amount of new content, based on the hunt for the Bestiary League beasts. Path of Exile is a unique game in several respects. Despite the free-to-play model, the production enjoys an unint [...]

NBA 2K18 Improves Its MyTeam Mode

MyTeam does not escape the small 2K annual improvements. In a trailer, some new releases are unveiled. New design of coach cards and play modes are in the spotlight. But it is especially the two new modes of play that are interesting. In “Pack and Playoffs”, you can create your five quickly with a Draft. The “Super Max” [...]

A Launch Teaser For The Elder Scrolls...

The extension The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is the ultimate teaser for several days after its release. In this new story that integrates the MMORPG developed by Zenimax Online, the player can go to the island of Vvardenfell on which it will be necessary to help the living god Vivec to regain its powers. On the program, dozens of hours [...]

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind R...

While Morrowind arrives in a month, Naryu, Dunmer of the Morag Tong that we will accompany in this Chapter, decided to present us different Vvardenfell highlights in a series of videos. Two videos have been posted so far, the first showing the city of Vivec, and the second the Dwarven Ruins dotting the island. Naryu’s Guide To Vivec Cit [...]

Weakening In The Life Hidden Purpose ...

Weakening In The Life Hidden Purpose Behind Stealing
Indeed, improving the entertainment brush map seemingly very important, but I’m not very cold, according to our dear Wyatt Cheng said: Let the players have to choose tactics and will not affect your fast-paced way mowing. Mowing style fighting how the? Happy mowing is the essence of ah ~ Diablo Cut off the blood back from an injury mech [...]

“Diablo III elect players Exten...

“Diablo III elect players Extended Price
Have had an innocent investigation, there is no harbor dark and terrible secret agenda? We tend to think, “No,” so the recent e-mail survey Blizzard ”Diablo III players raised some eyebrows around these parts. The studio is a vote of the players and see what they think and how they rank expansion will bring different functi [...]

Diablo 3 more striking compared to th...

Diablo 3 more striking compared to the previous two versions
Diablo 3 battle migrated amazing comfort controller , most of the time feeling a lot better than on the PC. Demonic forces will use the 3D environment, as well as climb the walls into the battlefield. Spell mapping out the buttons on the controller , the left and right movement of the control lever . In fact, it’s almost like a twin st [...]

Elite dev diary, Garen reform, kill a...

Elite dev diary, Garen reform, kill added mercury
PS3 and Xbox 360 on ”Diablo III players have been reported to occur hacking, modification, and in the online portion of the game are duplicated. Blizzard A representative responded to clarify that the company is not worried about game characters or duplication of projects and I hope that people will enjoy enough experience, they do not [...]

Elite dev diary , Garen reform , kill...

Elite dev diary , Garen reform , kill added mercury
David Braben comes to us through the impressive Elite : Dangerous trailers, and shows how the trailer together to help develop quite . Stars citizens at the station MobiGlas user interface, display concept art and games crowdfunding total over $ 21 million mark. If you have not seen the recently released Elite : Dangerous trailers, head over [...]