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Diablo 3 adding transmogrification an...

Diablo 3 adding transmogrification and enchanting
The upcoming Reaper of Souls expansion will add a new artisan, known as The Mystic, who is capable of transmogrification and enchanting. Enchanting is similar to WoW’s reforging in that it will allow you to reroll a single item property. The Mystic progresses from level 1 to 10 like the Blacksmith and Jeweler. Enchanting     Most it [...]

Diablo 3 patch caused a loss

Diablo 3 patch caused a loss
Blizzard have announced that they have just closed down the Diablo 3 Auction House due to a game breaking exploit that appeared following the 1.08 patch. The patch went live on Tuesday but it took eagle eyed players only a few hours to discover an exploit, one so bad that is has almost totally destroyed the in-game economy. According to an [...]

Diablo III : The PS4 version will be ...

Diablo III : The PS4 version will be released in 2014
Diablo III’s development team is standing by with open ears. According to the Diablo blog, the development team is offering a behind-the-scenes look at the design of the game’s Legendary class items, by tapping into the knowledge of the Diablo community for help in crafting and perfecting an item it plans to implement into the game.   The “De [...]

Check out Diablo your new Beta versio...

Check out Diablo your new Beta version before you would win  a PS3 or Xbox 360 copy of Diablo 3
Don’t make the same mistake again by telling players what stat to take. Just to be super clear, when you earn a Paragon Point, that point will only be restricted to a specific category, NOT to a specific stat. Within each category (Core Stats, Offene, Defense, and Utility), there are four different stats, and you will have the freedom t [...]

Weakening In The Life Hidden Purpose ...

Weakening In The Life Hidden Purpose Behind Stealing
Indeed, improving the entertainment brush map seemingly very important, but I’m not very cold, according to our dear Wyatt Cheng said: Let the players have to choose tactics and will not affect your fast-paced way mowing. Mowing style fighting how the? Happy mowing is the essence of ah ~ Diablo Cut off the blood back from an injury mech [...]

“Diablo III elect players Exten...

“Diablo III elect players Extended Price
Have had an innocent investigation, there is no harbor dark and terrible secret agenda? We tend to think, “No,” so the recent e-mail survey Blizzard ”Diablo III players raised some eyebrows around these parts. The studio is a vote of the players and see what they think and how they rank expansion will bring different functi [...]

Diablo 3 more striking compared to th...

Diablo 3 more striking compared to the previous two versions
Diablo 3 battle migrated amazing comfort controller , most of the time feeling a lot better than on the PC. Demonic forces will use the 3D environment, as well as climb the walls into the battlefield. Spell mapping out the buttons on the controller , the left and right movement of the control lever . In fact, it’s almost like a twin st [...]

Elite dev diary, Garen reform, kill a...

Elite dev diary, Garen reform, kill added mercury
PS3 and Xbox 360 on ”Diablo III players have been reported to occur hacking, modification, and in the online portion of the game are duplicated. Blizzard A representative responded to clarify that the company is not worried about game characters or duplication of projects and I hope that people will enjoy enough experience, they do not [...]

Elite dev diary , Garen reform , kill...

Elite dev diary , Garen reform , kill added mercury
David Braben comes to us through the impressive Elite : Dangerous trailers, and shows how the trailer together to help develop quite . Stars citizens at the station MobiGlas user interface, display concept art and games crowdfunding total over $ 21 million mark. If you have not seen the recently released Elite : Dangerous trailers, head over [...]

“Diablo III” launch conso...

“Diablo III” launch console digital download
Who needs a box, and when you get the convenience of digital downloads, Am I right? I’m always right, you now need to learn a lesson. Well, the ”Diablo III” console fans did not handcuffed box chain, digital downloads of the game is the Sony Entertainment Network and the Xbox Live. Spots look, we are here to provide cheap R [...]