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Good news for FIFA 15 fans, becoming ...

FIFA 15 fans
If you are a FIFA 15 fan and want to get some free FIFA 15 Coins, do not miss the inaugural Australian-wide Fox Fans League held by Sony Computer Entertainment Australia. It’s time to show your strength, guys, come and join the game. Beginning in April, the qualifying heats will be held select Westfield Centres across the country on Pl [...]

FIFA World Cup qualifying: lowest-ran...

World Cup qualifying
UTfifa15coins – The lowest-ranked team in world soccer has made miracles again on Tuesday, they advanced to the second round of World Cup qualifying, which means the huge progress they have got. Bhutan, a Himalayan kingdom ranked 209th by FIFA, beat Sri Lanka 2-1 at home in the second leg and advanced 3-1 on aggregate. Chencho Gyeltshen [...]

FIFA 15 was affected by PSN down

FIFA 15, PSN down
PSN was down yesterday in UK, US, causing many games can’t be played, such as FIFA 15, a video football game launched by EA Sports, where you usually buy FIFA 15 Coins from. It seems that there are more or less problems on PSN, we were talking about the last PSN down issues yesterday. That means that those of you who are trying to play [...]

Blatter has visited Emir of Qatar in ...

Blatter has visited Emir of Qatar
UTfifa15coins: Blatter paid a visit to His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani yesterday, ahead of the Executive Committee meeting taking place next week in Zurich, which means FIFA is really attach importance to FIFA World Cup and begin take some actions to hold a wonderful football tournament. During the meeting at the Al Bahr [...]

What do you think about FUT’s new tra...

FUT, new transfer system
There are a lot of discussions on new transfer system called Price Ranges, which was been released by EA Sports a few days ago and may help save FIFA 15 Coins when buying a player in Transfer Market. Some gamers thinks this update would be a great change and others do not agree. Anyway, FIFA 15. Specifically, FIFA 15’s Ultimate Team mode. EA [...]

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Price Ranges: h...

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Price Ranges: helps to Understand Player Values
The new update have been released by EA Sports already, but it seems that many FIFA 15 fans are not satisfied with this update for Ultimate Team, which is called Price Ranges and may help saving FIFA 15 Coins when buying a player in Transfer Market. EA thinks that this “Price Ranges” ensure a level playing field to all FUT gamers, [...]

Will “Price Ranges” chang...

Will “Price Ranges” changes FIFA 15 Ultimate Team
A new feature called ‘Price Ranges’ has been released by EA Sports on Monday, which brings great changes to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. Gamers may save some FIFA 15 Coins, because there is a minimum and maximum price of players in Transfer market, which helps the purchase. Let’s push the brakes a little first for those who have no idea what the ab [...]

Gamers of FIFA 15: snap discs to prot...

snap discs, FIFA 15
Most of FIFA 15 players love Ultimate Team, the most popular game mode on FIFA 15. But some players are not happy now because of the join of #RIPFUT, which was added to Ultimate Team after FIFA 15 1.05 patch. This new game mode will be a chance to all illegitimate FIFA 15 Coins transfers, the Ultimate Team will do better actually. While EA ha [...]

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: new mode price...

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, new mode
There was a mysterious new feature in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team in EA Sports’ earlier announcement, which a maintenance period for FIFA 15 and the Ultimate Team and have been teasing for a long time. But now it’s price range have been released, so it’s time to get your FIFA 15 coins ready now. Developers are aiming to make sure [...]

What do you want on FIFA 16

FIFA 16, suggestions,
My brother plays FIFA 15 everyday which spending most of his free time, because FIFA is really an interesting sport game. To be honest, i don’t think it is a perfect game. There are many things that can be improved on, it could be better. Development for FIFA 16 on the XBOX One, PlayStation 4, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, and PC has alread [...]