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Rogythil Offers Cheapest Revelation O...

Rogythil Offers Cheapest Revelation Online Gythil for Sale
Gythil is the in-game currency of Revelation Online for players trading. Now Rogythil.com is established to offering cheapest Revelation Online Gyhtil for gamers. Althogh we are newly created website, our professional team have rich experience with virtual currency transaction. Check out our website further information, you will definitely ch [...]

“Revelation Online” Novem...

“Revelation Online” November 10 week version update maintenance content announcement
My dear Player: This week the maintenance time for November 10 8: 00-11: 00 am. After this update the game version number is 1.0.209 Key Update Announcements: 1. Players will experience the recent play to adjust the planning, the main purpose of the game in order to promote the players involved in play, reduce the frequency of pre-single task [...]