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Diablo 3 game development process has been changed or abandoned Barbarian Skill

The first layer skills

Reach this layer all the skills needed to level 2.

Slam Bash
Slam the target, giving the weapon damage XX X% chance to knockback.
Rage Rampge
Each attack attack to the additional X target and attack speed is increased by X%.
Cleave Cleave
The barbarian attack multiple targets at the same time, given in front of him all the target X% weapon damage.
The second layer of skills

Reach this layer all the skills needed to level 3.

Shake trampled Ground Stomp
Stomping ground, stun all enemies within X feet X seconds.
Ignoring the pain Ignore Pain
All damage X% reduction and the immunity of the body, traps and stun effect.
Battle roar War Cry
Chilling roar issued once given the value of the Barbarian X point anger, increased armor defense, and all teammates within X feet in the effect of X% for X seconds.
Weapons Throwing Weapon Throw
Barbarians Thrown to his enemies, X% weapon damage and reduce the target X% of normal movement speed for X seconds.
The third layer of skills

In this layer all the skills needed level of 6.

Frenzy Frenzy
X% attack speed and X% weapon damage attacks will increase in X seconds each time. Violent accumulated X times get a increase of X% attack speed and X% weapon damage overall reward.
Revenge Revenge
Attack, barbarians X% chance to attack to all enemies within X feet X% weapon damage, and each time by an enemy attack can restore X% of life.
Hammer of the Ancients Hammer of the Acients
Summoned in front of a huge hammer to give the enemy a X% weapon damage, and X% crit chance.
The fourth level skills

In this layer all the skills needed to level up to 10.

Leap Attack Leap Attack
The barbarians make a strong jump, give all enemies within the landing point X feet X% weapon damage.
Sprint Sprint
X% movement speed increase in X seconds.
Intimidation roar Threatning Shout
Send a terrible roar, enemies within X feet X% damage reduction in X seconds.
Fifth floor skills

In this layer all the skills needed level of 14.

Acient Spear, Spear of the Ancients
Pole of ancient spear is thrown within X feet, pulled in front of the savage to all enemies within range, reducing their movement speed and give XX damage.
Fighting Fury Battle Rage
Into a rage, X% bonus damage and the fatal blow probability of X% reward in X seconds.
Tear Rend
A violent and brutal attacks on the enemies within X feet X XX% weapon damage, and at least for X seconds extra physical damage.
Earthquake ground wave Seismic Slam
Shock the ground, a shock wave is generated before the barbarians, given X% weapon damage and a knockback.
The sixth floor of skills

In this layer all the skills needed to level up to 20.

Violent onrush Furious Charge
Onrush to the front of an enemy, the enemy X% weapon damage, and to give The enemy onrush way X% damage.
Taunt Taunt
At close range to taunt enemy, the enemy attack you X seconds. Taunt the enemy to reduce the Barbarian X% damage.
Whirlwind WhirlWind
Barbarian Whirlwind gesture, given all the objects in his path multiple attacks, each attack has a X% weapon damage.
Seventh floor skills

In this layer all the skills needed to level up to 26.

Ancestral Spirit Call of the Acients
Summon the three barbarians ancestral spirits; the Talić Korlic and Madawc, they have X% weapon damage for X seconds.
Earthquake Earthquake
Violent vibration land, to produce a wide range of damage to nearby enemies.
Berserker Rage Warth of the Berserker
Enter the strong state of fury, enhance some attributes in X seconds (the fatal blow chance, attack speed, chance to dodge, movement speed). The monster will harm the immune Barbarian reduce X% damage not immune.

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