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Gold ans Merchants in Diablo 3

With the continuous development of the game, the more people play the game, how to get ahead of others in the same environment as key.This requires generous resources,where to Buy Diablo 3 gold has become critical.

Gold is the currency of Sanctuary, and you’ll find it scattered everywhere: in battered chests, on the bodies of fallen foes, and in forgotten tombs. You don’t have to click gold to pick it up; all you have to do is walk over it.

In the course of your quest, you’ll accumulate a large quantity of gold. You can check up on the status of your riches by opening your inventory (default key “I”).

Merchants ply their trade in nearly every civilized area of Sanctuary (and some less-civilized parts, too). Merchants will pay you gold for items that you don’t want and sell you items from their inventory: armor, potions, shields, scrolls, blades, and just about anything else you might want or need. Most merchants are able to repair the durability of your items for an appropriate fee.

Merchants can help fill the gaps in your equipment while you are waiting for a more powerful piece of gear. The quality of their items varies, and while not every merchant will have the perfect item for your class and skillset, they take on new stock constantly, so it’s a good idea to check back with them regularly.

Your stash, a large chest located in town, is a place you can store equipment and other items you’d like to hang onto, but don’t need right away. It’s ideal for holding items you think you might use later or aren’t sure if you want to sell.

Your stash is shared between all characters on your account.This means that if you’re playing your Barbarian, and you find an item that would be better suited to your Witch Doctor, you can drop the item into your stash, and your Witch Doctor will be able to take it when you log in with that character.

If you need more room in your stash, you can buy space from the stash window.

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