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Check out Diablo your new Beta versio...

Check out Diablo your new Beta version before you would win  a PS3 or Xbox 360 copy of Diablo 3
Don’t make the same mistake again by telling players what stat to take. Just to be super clear, when you earn a Paragon Point, that point will only be restricted to a specific category, NOT to a specific stat. Within each category (Core Stats, Offene, Defense, and Utility), there are four different stats, and you will have the freedom t [...]

D Diablo 3 patch fixes crashes, the X...

D Diablo 3 patch fixes crashes, the Xbox 360 to stop the endless vibration
Following the October 1 release of PlayStation3, Blizzard has now released the Xbox 360 incarnation Diablo 31.02 patch. Most notably, this patch fixes a number of relatively common in-game scenarios that have been causing the game to crash. It also improves the item-handling abilities of your character’s Followers, ensures that Cheap F [...]