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Only Needed $400! Destiny PS4 Bundle ...

Christmas is now just one week away, but it’s not too late to score some savings on games. Best Buy has announced a series of last-minute holiday deals, including a really good deal on the PlayStation 4 Destiny bundle. This bundle comes with a glacier white PS4 and matching controller, and a copy of the game. It normally sells for $450, [...]

Real-time Broadcast of Destiny Battle

Real-time Broadcast of Destiny Battle
This is the Destiny of a 2 person game This battle between snipers goes through many stages, all of them hilarious. At first, I’m expecting MoneyLoo to land a crazy shot off a camping sniper through the tiniest crack between stacks of crates. Then it’s a silly back and forth while the two snipers strafe between hiding behind cove [...]

New Song Of Destiny: “Hope for ...

New Song Of Destiny: “Hope for the Future”
Legendary musician appears on Jon Stewart’s show to talk about his new song, “Hope for the Future.” Legendary musician Paul McCartney of Beatles fame appeared on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show last night to talk about, among other things, “Hope for the Future,” his song for Bungie’s FPS Destiny.  [...]

Preemptive! Destiny Game Guide Full P...

We bring fresh destiny Game Guide. First, here’s a quick explainer about the game’s level caps. Destiny technically maxes out character levels at 20. But you can still make your character more powerful by increasing their Light. Rare, legendary and exotic armor all have Light. Wear enough of it and it increases your characterR [...]

Paul McCartney To “Destiny̶...

Paul McCartney To "Destiny"
Bungie to create FPS masterpiece “Destiny” No matter how word of mouth, attention is definitely the number one, even the theme song have invited the famous Beatle Paul McCartney personally speak knife, and it’s free! Now this theme song “Hope for the Future” has been officially announced, the next one up and enjo [...]

PS4 Destiny Bundle with $50 GC at $39...

PS4 Destiny Bundle with $50 GC at $399
It’s really the black Friday of Walmart ,because that Playstation 4 Destiny Bundle With Free $50 Walmart Gift Card at $399.Here is the detail of the news: PlayStation 4 Console (Glacier White),1 DualShock 4 Wireless Controller (Glacier White), Destiny, 30-Day PlayStation Plus Trial, HDMI Cable, Power Cable, Wired Mono Headset, USB Charg [...]

Why Do You Choose Destiny Level 31 Hu...

Why Do You Choose Destiny Level 31 Hunter Equipment?
Why do you choose Destiny Level 31 Hunter Equipment? Have you ever know that Destiny database uncovered a level 31 Hunter while the Dark Below dlc isn’t even out yet? Now,at destiny-store,we offer you the wonderful experience of exotic and legendary gear.The community thinks this is a Bungie employee, someone who already has acces to the new [...]