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5 Players need to be downgraded when ...

5 Players need to be downgraded when FIFA 15 January Upgrades
There are prepare for the biggest ever January upgrades in FIFA 15 at the end of the month. We can expect a rating increase for in-form players like Sergio Aguero and Alexis Sanchez, but what about those players who have fallen out of grace and are now forced to rub the bench? Here, we look at the five players who deserve to get downgraded a [...]

What’s your guess about the FUT...

What’s your guess about the FUT 15 Team of the Year?
Well, just as shown in the infographic, the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Team of the year will be revealed on Monday, January 12th. This comes as the first of many exciting releases this month for EA’s FIFA 15. At the end of the month, all gamers will be privy to the January FIFA 15 upgrades. If you have no idea about this issue, You just come to f [...]