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We will certainly be Diablo 3 forum avatar for processing

Mentioned in the previous blue stickers, game designer Travis Day “metamorphosis” feature will be added in the future to change the shape of equipment. According to Blizzard community manager said, this feature is still in the development stage, at the same time, they also want to give players on the official forum avatar personalization options.

Equipment system improvements will include changing the system of the equipment shape it?

I guess this does not affect the properties and values of the role, but I want to know whether they are still discussing this system. Before Blizzard’s designers have mentioned that they want to let people have a different appearance late in the game. Diablo 3 Gold.

Travis once said that we are now working on a similar system (and not just equipment staining): So, my answer is “Yes!” Although not mentioned in the developer Q & A, but it really is part of the content we are producing.

In addition to the metamorphosis, there are no plans to add a feature, can be separated prior to the players on the forum? May be able to provide similar interstellar 2 avatar, or to show the battle flag of the players in the position of the Diablo skull avatar? Any of this related changes can, thank you.Diablo 3 Gold.

We will certainly be Diablo 3 forum avatar for processing. Our network team is responsible for this, although still unable to disclose specific time.

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