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You can get points when you buy gold products

If you have made orders at our store but never taken part in our member activities, you have lost many opportunities to win free Diablo 3 Gold in our store.The highest bonus is as high as 500 million D3 Gold which is given away,We are planning to improve the attributes of the legendary equipment.

this would include some properties of modified, one of them would be to add some special properties. We will put you in future detailed information. it will change for the legendary equipment, we still consider and do not have any specific plans.It’s been a fair amount of buzz around Tobold “Free Diablo 3 Guide” that lists his 8 tips to play the auction house.

If you have took a look at these tips and found that they seemed a little off, well say just that you weren’t the only one. It turns out that Tobold was a subscriber of this site for some time, because I found his e-mail address in the folder. Tobold is against gold guides, so it in my interest to whatever it is that he posts to their subject and show his ignorance. Pricing: imagine you checked the AH several times a week and I found each time several copies of the sword of uberness listed for between $10 and $50.

What do you think is the average price of all sword of uberness that sold this week? You may be surprised to learn that the average selling price was probably about $8! Because what you see is not the price of the swords that were sold, but the award did not purchase offers.

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