Diablo 3 power leveling, level up to 60 level is not a dream

How to leveling fast in Diablo 3? That is every players wish. Because if they level up their class, they can play better and make more Diablo 3 gold and strong items for them!Leveling your character fast during the first month after Diablo 3 release will give you unique opportunities not available once most players have hit the level cap. World of Warcraft expansions were a great example of that, where prices skyrocketed and the profitable strategies were not yet known to most of the players. So the question is how do we maximize our play time to get the most benefit?

Pick a character and stick with it- let’s be honest, you’re going to play them all anyway at some point.  Pick the one that you will have the most fun with; don’t worry too much about picking the most overpowered character. Previous experience from Wow taught us that there will always be some character du jour that seem to be the best, but Blizzard will tweak and balance until characters are fairly even.Finish the preparation checklist early – Blizzard released their preparation guide checklist for the release date mayhem. It goes over everything you need to know to be ready to hit the ground running when servers go live.

Servers will be hit hard when everyone start logging on to play, do what you can now to ease that experience.Playing with a group get you there faster- When a new players joins in the monsters hit point go up 75%, while the damage of the group theoretically doubles. So a group of four wills about 20% more efficient at progressing through the game than a solo player. You shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of the game to progress faster, but if you enjoy playing with others there is a benefit to the speed of leveling.I’m very curious about how well this will sell in the final game, beta did not have much of a demand for +XP items obviously.

Stacking this kind of gear and jumping into a four player group could be a great tactic to get ahead.Doping- What’s your drug of choice? Coke, Coffee, Red Bull? Stacking up on a bit your favorite pick-me-up should be a good idea. I personally try to avoid the sugary chemicals and following the advice of Tim Ferriss, am sticking with my Yerba Mate Tea as my drug of choice.
Practice your Diablo 3, buy cheap Diablo 3 gold and Diablo III power leveling, level up to 60 level is not a dream.