Monopoly Go: Best 7 Tips For Players

Monopoly Go might appear to be a game based purely on luck, but under the surface, it involves considerable elements of exploitation and manipulation, making it part strategy game. This guide offers 7 best tips that will instantly enhance your skills in Monopoly Go without any cheating.

Unlock the Community Chest First

When you first start playing Monopoly Go, the Community Chest feature is locked. To unlock the mini-game, you must invite five friends to the game. You can through the three simple ways to add friends: Facebook Friends, Your Contacts, and Invite by Link.

Once you’ve assembled a sufficient group, simply land on the specified Tiles to start banking money. Once you’re happy with the amount accumulated in the Chest, you can open it to collect money and stickers.

Tips for better Jackpot prizes:

Use Dice Multipliers around Community Chest tiles. This lets you put even more money in the bank.
Pick friends with gifts. When you get the Active Friend Bonus, choose avatars with a gift icon next to them. They will give you extra prizes.
Play the mini-game before leaving the game. Make the Daily Jackpot your last quest so you don’t miss out on its daily prize.

Join Discord Channel Of Monopoly Go

You need to have a Discord account to join the official Monopoly Go Discord server. Then, you need to sign into your existing account or create a new one and verify your account with your phone. After you successfully create and verify your account, follow the above link and accept the invite.

Discord giveaways can be quite rewarding. By joining the official server, you’ll have access to free Dice Links and prizes. Additionally, it’s a great place to connect with Sticker traders, enabling you to swap cards and complete your Albums! Of course, the fastest way to complete Albums is to buy cheap Monopoly Go Stickers online. Use code “Mods” for 5% off on U4gm to buy stickers!

Apply the Dice Multiplier Using the 6-7-8 Rule

Multiply Dice when you are six, seven, or eight Tiles away from a target, bet on them by risking extra rolls with Dice Multipliers. This is because 6, 7, and 8 rolls are the most common dice outcomes—with a 25% chance of recurring:

Rolling 8: 2 + 6, 3 + 5, 4 + 4
Rolling 7: 1 + 6, 2 + 5, 3 + 4
Rolling 6: 1 + 5, 2 + 4, 3 + 3

It’s not a 100% guarantee, and you may still find yourself landing on other spaces oftentimes, but anyway that you can push the stakes in your direction is better than leaving it up to luck. Once you have landed on the spot you were hoping to hit or anything beyond that, pay attention to your spaces and adjust your multiplier as expected.

Claim Gift Every 8 Hours

The title had an amazing feature in its in-game shop that used to provide a free gift box to players every eight hours.

Set a reminder to ensure you check back promptly to collect up to four daily reward bundles. These bundles can include Free Dice, Stickers, and Cash.

Delay Constructing Landmarks

Every level in this title comprises five distinct Landmarks, each having six levels with unique appearances. You must construct these Landmarks and upgrade them to their max, Level 6, to complete the board. Other players can destroy your Landmarks throughout the game.

However, rival players may attempt to sabotage your progress by breaking your landmarks. In such instances, players will have to be quick at repairing these damaged landmarks. So gathering enough money to upgrade all Landmarks. Next, build and upgrade as many structures as you can before exiting the game. If cash is tight, focus on upgrading just one Landmark before progressing to the next.

Set Up Your Dice Link Early

No dice, no game. Dice links are a helpful method for collecting this precious currency when you’re not lucky enough—or are too impatient—to win dice organically.

Go to the Friends section to create the dice link. Then, share it with friends who haven’t installed the game and ask them to download it through the very same link. This will give you big rewards ranging from rare Monopoly Go Stickers to hundreds of Dice Rolls.

Select Your Opponents Wisely

The “Friends” tab lets you visit any of your Monopoly Go friends’ cities and attack their buildings. While this sounds exciting, keep in mind that your friend will be notified of the damage and can get revenge in their next Shutdown.

Change your Shutdown target. Retaliate against players who have attacked you or target friends who are without Shields. This strategy allows you to maximize the money you extract from your attempts.

Diablo 4 Guide: Conquering Duriel with Strategic Builds

In Diablo 4, facing formidable opponents like Duriel requires not only strength but also strategic planning and the right gear. This guide focuses on overcoming Duriel, even with modest gear and a level disadvantage, by leveraging specific build strategies and skill synergies. Let’s dive into the details of a build that makes this possible.

Diablo 4 Guide: Conquering Duriel with Strategic Builds

Building the Perfect Defense

Achieving 70% Poison Resist

The key to surviving Duriel’s immense poison damage lies in achieving 70% poison resistance. For Necromancers, this can be easily attained by stacking intelligence, inserting diamonds into jewelry, sacrificing skeletons for resistance, and utilizing the Memento Mori talent. If additional poison resistance is needed, consider gear with poison resistance, using emeralds in jewelry, and applying Elixir and Incense.

Utilizing Bone Storm and Shielding Storm

The Bone Storm and the aspect of Shielding Storm play crucial roles in this build. The constantly replenishing barrier from Shielding Storm, in conjunction with a perpetually active Bone Storm, forms an impenetrable defense. Bone Storm’s uptime is ensured by the Osseous Gale aspect on two-handed weapons, which extends its duration significantly.

Skill and Cooldown Management

Maximizing Bone Storm Uptime

The primary challenge is managing the Bone Storm’s cooldown, which can last up to 30 seconds. This downtime can be mitigated by cooldown reduction on gear and the Anticipation vampiric power, which reduces the cooldown of ultimate skills by 20%. Additionally, the Abhorrent Decrepify skill and lucky hit chances can help in reducing cooldowns further.

Alternative Cooldown Reduction Strategies

For players lacking specific gear or seeking extra safety, other cooldown reduction methods exist. One method discussed previously offers both Bone Storm cooldown reduction and healing. The Flicker Step unique boots are another beneficial item to consider.

Enhancing Damage Output

Leveraging the 925 Item Power Weapon

The primary source of damage in this build is a 925 D4 items power weapon, obtained from defeating a world boss at World Tier 4. Enhancing the corpse explosion skill is critical, and achievable by investing skill points, enhancing pants, and using an amulet that provides additional bonuses to corpse skills.

Boosting Shadow Damage

An easy way to increase damage output is to level up the Darkness glyph on the Paragon board, enhancing the damage of all Darkness skills. This boost applies to both the blighted corpse explosion and the Bone Storm when using the ultimate Shadow aspect.

Maximizing Damage with Conceited Aspect

The conceited aspect offers additional multiplicative damage as long as a barrier is maintained, which, in this build, is almost always active.

Concluding the Fight Against Duriel

Essential Build Elements

In the battle against Duriel, focus on the crucial elements of the build: lucky hit, cooldown reduction, damage reductions, and overall damage output. While the build presented is not perfect, it demonstrates that with understanding and adaptation, players can construct their builds based on these principles.

Continuous Adaptation and Improvement

The build’s effectiveness is highlighted by the ability to adapt and improve continuously. For instance, a recent gear drop provided an opportunity to significantly increase damage output, demonstrating the build’s flexibility and potential for enhancement.


This guide offers a comprehensive overview of a strategic build to tackle Duriel in Diablo 4. By focusing on poison resistance, skill management, and damage enhancement, players can effectively confront this challenge, even with less-than-ideal gear. Remember, the key to success in Diablo 4 lies in understanding the fundamental mechanics and adapting them to your playstyle and available resources.

Diablo 4: All Altar of Lilith Statues Locations

The Altars of Lilith are important to those looking to level their characters in Diablo 4, as they offer a wide variety of bonuses, including permanent stat boosts and bonus Paragon Points.

Diablo 4’s five unique regions offer a total of 160 collectibles for players to find. But all of them are hidden in clever places, making tracking them down a bit difficult. So, to help you find the ones you’re looking for, here are all the Altars of Lilith locations in Diablo 4, as well as how many you can expect to find in each region.

RegionNumber of Altars
Fractured Peaks28 Altars of Lilith
Scosglen34 Altars of Lilith
Dry Steppes33 Altars of Lilith
Kehjistan31 Altars of Lilith
Hawezar34 Altars of Lilith

Fractured Peaks Altar of Lilith Locations

Fractured Peaks Altar of Lilith Locations

You will find 28 Altars of Lilith scattered around the Fractured Peaks Region. Note that after the first altar, the others will appear only after you have reached the main city of Kyvoshad and completed the tutorial where the mysterious man leaves the town.

Scosglen Altar of Lilith Locations

Scosglen Altar of Lilith Locations

Scosglen is the northernmost region that you will be able to explore in Diablo 4, and contains 34 of Lilith’s altars. This area you will typically explore during ACT 2 of the game but can be explored when you wish. Be warned, though, the monsters will be at a higher level so if you explore too soon, it may pose to be a dangerous challenge.

Dry Steppes Altar of Lilith Locations

Dry Steppes Altar of Lilith Locations

There are 33 Altars of Lilith scattered throughout the Dry Steppes — where you’ll play through Act 3 of Diablo 4’s campaign. This act hide many treasures and secrets for you to discover!

Kehjistan Altar of Lilith Locations

Kehjistan Altar of Lilith Locations

There are 31 Altars of Lilith scattered throughout Kehjistan — where you’ll play through parts of Acts 3 and 4 of Diablo 4’s campaign. Also, you’ll get Legendary and Unique D4 Items here, which are some of the most powerful weapons and gear to equip players.

Hawezar Altar of Lilith Locations

Hawezar Altar of Lilith Locations

Located due south from the starting area of the Fractured Peaks, Hawezar is home to many dangers and should be explored with caution early on. Among its subregions, you will be able to track down 34 Altars, gaining renown and boons as you go! Note that several of these Altars can only be reached once you have progressed the Main Story into Act 5.

Diablo 4 Rogue Mastery: Advanced Damage Strategies

In the challenging world of Diablo 4, players continuously seek ways to improve their gameplay and effectiveness in combat. One class that benefits from refined techniques is the Rogue, known for its versatility and high damage output. This article will explore advanced strategies for maximizing damage as a Rogue, focusing on two key techniques: optimizing Pen Shot usage and incorporating Flicker Step into your build.

Diablo 4 Rogue Mastery: Advanced Damage Strategies

Optimizing Pen Shot with Positional Control

The Pen Shot Rogue is a popular build that balances melee and ranged attacks, dealing substantial damage, especially when hitting multiple enemies. However, many players struggle to optimize their damage output due to inefficient attack patterns and positioning. Here’s how you can double your effectiveness:

  1. Understanding Pen Shot: Pen Shot’s damage increases as it pierces through more enemies. Therefore, positioning is crucial to line up shots that pass through multiple targets.
  2. Positional Control Technique: Instead of using the default attack method, which can cause your character to reposition awkwardly, you can use a specific control setting to improve your efficiency:
  • Enable the “Combine Move and Basic Skill” in the game settings.
  • Assign a specific button for “Hold Position” (default is Shift). This allows you to stand still and perform attacks without moving towards the enemy inadvertently.
  • While holding the assigned “Hold Position” button, use your basic attack (left click) to gather combo points and then execute Pen Shot (right click). This method ensures that you stay in the optimal position, maximizing the number of enemies hit by Pen Shot.

By adopting this technique, players have reported a noticeable increase in damage output, effectively doubling it in some cases. The key is to maintain a strategic position and use Pen Shot to hit as many enemies as possible at the right moment.

Incorporating Flicker Step for Enhanced Mobility and Damage

Another strategy to significantly increase your Rogue’s damage is effectively using the Flicker Step skill. Flicker Step is advantageous for positioning and increasing your hit count with the Death Trap ability. Here’s how you can integrate it into your build:

  1. Why Flicker Step: Flicker Step allows you to quickly reposition and evade attacks, reducing the cooldown of your skills through evasion. This skill is particularly beneficial for pulling enemies together using Death Trap, setting them up for massive AOE damage.
  2. Build Adjustments for Flicker Step:
  • Replace your regular boots with Flicker Step for enhanced mobility and evasion.
  • Adjust your gear to focus on maximizing resistances and damage output. This might involve changing gems or incorporating specific Diablo 4 items for sale, like Disobedience on the amulet.
  • Use the Flicker Step to gather enemies quickly, then deploy Death Trap to group them tightly. Follow up with your high-damage attacks for an explosive effect on the grouped targets.

By utilizing Flicker Step alongside Death Trap, you can significantly increase the damage of your AOE attacks, taking advantage of the grouped enemies for massive burst damage.


Mastering the Rogue class in Diablo 4 requires a deep understanding of its skills and effective combat strategies. By employing advanced techniques such as positional control for Pen Shot and incorporating Flicker Step into your build, you can significantly enhance your damage output and efficiency in combat.

Diablo 4’s AoZ: Pros, Cons, and Player Insights

As Diablo 4 continues to captivate its audience, the discussion around its “Area of Zelandonii” (AoZ) content is heating up. With the game’s growing community engaging deeply in this aspect, players are voicing their thoughts on what works and needs improvement. This article examines the pros and cons of AoZ as outlined by the players, offering a comprehensive view of this critical game component.

Pros of AoZ in Diablo 4

  1. Appropriate Difficulty: Players appreciate the current difficulty level, though some adjustments in one-shot mechanics from higher-tier enemies like T15+ blood seekers are suggested.
  2. Engaging Elite Encounters: The challenge presented by elite packs, which require strategic dodging and tactical play, adds to the excitement and fun of the game.
  3. Dungeon Dynamics: The option to explore dungeons without set objectives is a welcome change, adding a layer of unpredictability and enjoyment with the potential for rare events.

Cons and Areas for Improvement

Despite these positives, several areas need refinement to enhance the gaming experience:

  1. Repetitive Progression: Players find the progression to higher tiers, especially beyond T15, monotonous, primarily revolving around leveling a glyph. This aspect requires more depth and variety.
  2. Depth in End-Game Content: The system lacks depth for hardcore players with maxed-out builds. Suggestions include introducing higher-tier Diablo 4 items, charms, or consumables that add unique affixes to gear.
  3. Grind Mechanism: While a grind is essential in any ARPG, Diablo 4’s current grind is considered uninteresting and overly simplistic. Players seek a more intelligent and strategic approach to grinding.

Feedback and Suggestions

Players have shared specific feedback and ideas to improve the Diablo 4 experience:

  1. Class-Specific Glyphs: Introducing glyphs unique to each class, such as a tornado glyph for a particular skill, could add a new dimension to the game.
  2. Reward System: Integrating actual rewards, like skins or unique loot, for completing certain AoZ tiers would enhance achievement and motivation.
  3. Balancing Seeker Difficulty: Adjusting the difficulty of Seekers to match the tier level and considering the party size when spawning bosses can create a more balanced and fair challenge.
  4. Rethinking One-Shot Mechanics: The current one-shot or death mechanics are seen as a cheap gameplay strategy. A more nuanced approach to difficulty and death penalties is suggested.
  5. Revamping Mob Progression: As players progress, increasing mobs’ HP and resistance feels uninspired. A more immersive and creative approach to enemy evolution is desired.

The Balancing Act: Difficulty vs. Enjoyment

One of the most significant challenges highlighted by players is finding the right balance between difficulty and enjoyment. While some players advocate for ultra-challenging content, others feel excessive difficulty detracts from the fun. This dichotomy represents a crucial balancing act for the developers.

Conclusion: Toward a More Engaging and Balanced Diablo 4

The player feedback on Diablo 4’s AoZ underscores a need for thoughtful adjustments and additions. Diablo 4 can offer a more engaging and satisfying experience for its diverse player base by addressing issues like repetitive grind mechanics, balancing difficulty, and enhancing reward systems. As the game evolves, incorporating player feedback will be vital in shaping its future and maintaining its place as a beloved title in the ARPG genre.

Diablo 4 Guide: Top Lightning Sorcerer Builds Compared!

“Diablo 4” offers diverse gameplay experiences, especially with character builds. This article delves into optimizing the Lightning Sorcerer class, focusing on three builds: Chain Lightning, Ball Lightning, and Charged Bolts. We’ll compare these builds based on various gameplay aspects, including their performance in Season 2, to help you choose the one that maximizes your fun.

Diablo 4 Guide: Top Lightning Sorcerer Builds Compared!

Chain Lightning Build with Tal Rasha Ring Update

The Chain Lightning build, enhanced by the new Tal Rasha Ring, offers a distinct gameplay style. This build is particularly effective in Season 2 and is ideal for players looking for a balanced experience. We’ll compare its performance against the other two builds to give you a better understanding of its capabilities.

Comparison with Ball Lightning and Charged Bolts Builds

Time to Kill Uber Lilith: The Chain Lightning build takes approximately 12 seconds to defeat Uber Lilith, compared to 7 seconds with the Ball Lightning build and 16 seconds with the Charged Bolts build.
Damage Output: With 6 Glyphs at max level 21, the Chain Lightning build’s damage is significantly enhanced. This highlights the importance of upgrading glyphs through Nightmare Dungeons.

Gear and Glyph Dependency

The efficiency of these builds heavily depends on gear quality and Glyph levels. For instance, level 21 Glyphs alone can boost damage by 2.5 times. Thus, investing time in Nightmare Dungeons to upgrade glyphs is crucial for improving overall damage output. Additionally, players looking to enhance their gameplay might consider options to buy Diablo 4 items, which can complement their efforts in gearing up for optimal performance.

Nightmare Dungeon and Uber Boss Performance

T100 Boss Fights: The builds show varied performance, with the Ball Lightning build being the fastest.
Uber Lilith Fight: All three builds can bypass Uber Lilith’s mechanics efficiently, with the Ball Lightning build being the quickest.
Helltides for Cinders: Comparable times for Chain Lightning and Charged bolt builds indicate similar efficiency in certain scenarios.

Build Flexibility and Skill Tree Differences

Switching between these builds is straightforward, with minor adjustments required in gear and skill points. Depending on the build, the primary distinction lies in allocating points in Chain Lightning, Flame Shield, and Charged Bolts. Vampiric Powers and enchantments vary slightly between the builds, catering to different playstyles.

Personal Recommendations

For Visuals and Sound Effects: The Charged Bolts build is recommended.
For Quick Boss Farming: The Ball Lightning build is ideal.
For a Balanced Experience: The Chain Lightning build balances speed and range.


Each Lightning Sorcerer built in “Diablo 4” offers a unique playstyle. Whether you prefer the visual flair of Charged Bolts, the rapid efficiency of Ball Lightning, or the balanced approach of Chain Lightning, there’s a build that suits your preference. Experiment with these builds to find your ideal playstyle and maximize your enjoyment in “Diablo 4”. Don’t forget to check out the full build link in the description for detailed build setups and stat priorities. Happy gaming!

Diablo 4: Exciting New Updates and Community Feedback

The Diablo 4 community is eagerly awaiting the release of Season 1, which is expected to launch in mid to late July. The developers have promised to discuss the quality of life improvements and answer questions from the community during the upcoming live stream. This event is expected to shed light on the Season 1 release date and other exciting updates.

Addressing Game Issues
The developers have acknowledged the crashing issues that have been plaguing players since the 1.03 update. Adam Fletcher, a member of the Diablo 4 team, assured players that resolving this issue is a top priority. The team is currently working and testing on items to address this problem.

Community Feedback and Suggestions
The Diablo 4 community has been vocal about their experiences and suggestions for game improvements. Some players have expressed frustration with the bone crossbowmen turrets, which they find overly challenging and annoying. They have suggested that these turrets need some adjustments or a nerf to balance the gameplay.

Another issue raised by the community is the high frequency of mobs exploding on death, especially in Nightmare Dungeons. Players find this mechanic neither fun nor interesting, as it creates situations where they can’t relax even after killing an enemy due to the high damage caused by the death explosion, This has an impact on the durability of the player’s Diablo 4 Items.

The community has also suggested improvements to the game’s navigation system. Currently, players find themselves constantly looking at the minimap, which detracts from the immersive experience of the open world. Suggestions include an option to see a trail on the ground when a waypoint is laid down, similar to the system in Diablo Immortal, and the ability to zoom in and out on the minimap.

The Treasure Goblin Issue
An interesting issue that has surfaced involves treasure goblins. Contrary to their harmless appearance, these creatures have been causing significant problems for players. One player reported that a treasure goblin killed their level 85 hardcore character. This incident has sparked discussions about the power of exploding corpses and whether this mechanic needs to be adjusted.

Despite these issues, the anticipation for Diablo 4 remains high. The developers’ commitment to addressing these problems and their openness to community feedback bodes well for the game’s future. The upcoming live stream event is expected to provide more clarity on these issues and reveal exciting updates for the game.

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How Does Diablo 4 Skill Tree Work?

How Does Diablo 4 Skill Tree Work?

Diablo 4, the latest installment in Blizzard Entertainment’s iconic action RPG series, introduces a revamped skill system that offers players high customization and strategic depth. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how the Diablo 4 skill tree works, enabling players to make informed decisions about their character’s development.

Understanding the Diablo 4 Skill Tree

The skill tree in Diablo 4 is a complex system that allows players to customize their character’s abilities and playstyle. Unlike previous games in the series, Diablo 4’s skill tree is more of a skill forest, with many branches representing different aspects of a character’s abilities.

The skill tree is divided into two main sections: Active Skills and Passive Skills. Active Skills are abilities the player uses in combat, such as spells, attacks, and other abilities. But, Passive Skills provide permanent buffs and enhancements to the character, improving their stats or modifying their active skills in various ways. When we understand these skills, we can build a powerful character, which can help us defeat the boss in the game more and get more legit Diablo 4 gold.

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Active Skills

Active Skills are the core of your character’s combat abilities. As you level up, you’ll gain skill points that you can spend to unlock new active skills or upgrade existing ones. Each class has its unique set of active skills, divided into different categories based on their function (e.g., offensive, defensive, utility).

Upgrading an active skill often enhances effectiveness, such as increasing damage or reducing its cooldown. Some upgrades can also add new effects or change how the skill works, allowing for a high degree of customization.

Passive Skills

Passive Skills provide a variety of bonuses and enhancements to your character. These can include increases to your character’s stats, improvements to their active skills, and other unique effects. Passive skills do not need to be activated and are always in effect once learned.

Like active skills, passive skills are unlocked and upgraded using skill points. However, the passive skill section of the tree is more extensive and complex, offering a wide range of potential builds and strategies.

Synergizing Active and Passive Skills

One of the key aspects of the Diablo 4 skill tree is the synergy between active and passive skills. Many passive skills enhance or change specific active skills, allowing players to specialize in certain abilities and create unique builds.

For example, a passive skill might increase the damage of a specific active skill, allow it to hit more targets, or add a new effect, such as a stun or a damage-over-time effect. Players can create powerful combinations that match their preferred playstyle by selecting and combining active and passive skills.

The skill tree in Diablo 4 offers a deep and flexible system for character customization. Players can create unique and powerful builds that suit their playstyle by understanding how active and passive skills work and how they can be synergized.

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Diablo 4 New Player’s Guide to Using Legendary Essences

Legendary Essence is an item in Diablo 4, it can be used to upgrade the attributes and levels of legendary equipment, and the upgraded equipment will become more powerful. Different essences have different effects; some belong to magic points, which can enhance magic-related special effects.

How to get legendary Essence
Players can obtain legendary Essence by damaging legendary equipment. Each piece of equipment can obtain a certain amount of Essence. The specific amount depends on the level and quality of the equipment. This is not applicable to new players who are new to the game.

Another way is to obtain it through dungeons. When you open the map, you will see that many jails correspond to different occupations in different areas. Choose the dungeon that matches your work and complete the challenge to get the corresponding elite items.

Get Essence from Orange Items
Find the NPC Demia, click on his dialog box, and put the orange item you want to decompose in the corresponding item column. He will separate the species’ unique attributes to form an independent essence, which is very convenient, but the separation. The cost is prohibitive for novices.

How to use Essence to boost items?
After the player obtains the Essence, find the NPC Demia, who can use the Essence to improve your equipment attributes. It should be noted that this feature is only available for yellow or orange equipment.

Choose the equipment you want to improve the attributes of, give it to the NPC, and then choose the Essence corresponding to the equipment, and finally, you need to pay a fee to let the NPC improve the attributes of the item. This fee is also costly. If new players want to complete this work smoothly, they must prepare the required cost in advance or buy gold Diablo 4.

Armors, weapons, and accessories all have corresponding tome essences. If you want to upgrade them separately, you need to obtain different types of tome essences, but players are happy that the same type of tome essence only needs to be received once. Yes, it can be reused, which saves players a lot of time.

Inheritance of Legendary Essence
This function can transfer the attributes of legendary equipment to other equipment, thereby improving the attributes of the equipment. After you separate the special properties of the orange item, you can use it to improve the properties of the corresponding item. The operation steps are the same as above. It should be noted that the Essence separated from the orange weapon can only be used on the corresponding gun and cannot be used on armor or accessories.

If the Essence separated from the orange weapon is inherited from another gun, the Essence will become one with this weapon and cannot be reused or separated again. Therefore, please take your time with upgrade items when you get a good essence. It’s better to wait until you get a potent thing in the later stage and upgrade it again.

Essence required by the rogue profession
Players of the rogue class should take advantage of the Essence that can increase the base attack speed, which can usually be obtained in weapons such as two-handed bows or crossbows. This Essence increases your base attack speed by 50% or more. With enough essential attack speed, the rogue will unlock more powerful special effects, making your attack very violent and speeding up energy recovery, making you stronger.


  1. Do not disassemble unnecessary orange equipment directly when you get unnecessary orange equipment. The correct way is to extract its Essence first and then disassemble it.
  2. If it is a legendary special effect essence that is decomposed and extracted under a profession, other characters cannot see it or use it simultaneously. So use the correct domain to decompose the legendary equipment of different occupations.

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Giannis Antetokounmpo Is The Highest Rated Player In NBA 2K23

Giannis Antetokounmpo, the only active player, has the highest total score of 97, the highest rating of any player published by 2K Games.

NBA 2K23 will be released soon and we should be ready to play against our friends or opponents in this game. If you want to win the game, then it is better to choose a team with the best players who can lead you to success. You may need to buy NBA 2K23 MT because then you will be able to get your favorite player in the shortest time possible.

We already know that Giannis Antetokounmpo is the highest-rated player, but that’s not our only choice. So what other great players are there in NBA 2K23?

Let’s take a look at the players who have a rating of over 90 in NBA 2K23:

Giannis Antetokounmpo, PF, Milwaukee Bucks97 overall
Joel Embiid, C, Philadelphia 76ers96 Overall
LeBron James, SF, Los Angeles Lakers96 Overall
Kevin Durant, SF, Brooklyn Nets96 Overall
Nikola Jokic, C, Denver Nuggets96 Overall
Stephen Curry, PG, Golden State Warriors96 Overall
Luka Donĉić, PG, Dallas Mavericks95 Overall
Kawhi Leonard, SF, Los Angeles Clippers94 Overall
Jayson Tatum, SF, Boston Celtics93 Overall
Ja Morant, PG, Memphis Grizzlies93 Overall
Jimmy Butler, SF, Miami Heat93 Overall
Devin Booker, SG, Phoenix Suns91 Overall
Trae Young, PG, Atlanta Hawks90 Overall
Anthony Davis, C, Los Angeles Lakers90 Overall
Chris Paul, PG, Phoenix Suns90 Overall
A’ja Wilson, PF, Las Vegas Aces96 Overall
Breanna Stewart, PF, Seattle Storm96 Overall
Jonquel Jones, PF, Connecticut Sun95 Overall
Brittney Griner, C, Phoenix Mercury93 Overall
Candace Parker, PF, Chicago Sky93 Overall