Diablo 4 New Player’s Guide to Using Legendary Essences

Legendary Essence is an item in Diablo 4, it can be used to upgrade the attributes and levels of legendary equipment, and the upgraded equipment will become more powerful. Different essences have different effects; some belong to magic points, which can enhance magic-related special effects.

How to get legendary Essence
Players can obtain legendary Essence by damaging legendary equipment. Each piece of equipment can obtain a certain amount of Essence. The specific amount depends on the level and quality of the equipment. This is not applicable to new players who are new to the game.

Another way is to obtain it through dungeons. When you open the map, you will see that many jails correspond to different occupations in different areas. Choose the dungeon that matches your work and complete the challenge to get the corresponding elite items.

Get Essence from Orange Items
Find the NPC Demia, click on his dialog box, and put the orange item you want to decompose in the corresponding item column. He will separate the species’ unique attributes to form an independent essence, which is very convenient, but the separation. The cost is prohibitive for novices.

How to use Essence to boost items?
After the player obtains the Essence, find the NPC Demia, who can use the Essence to improve your equipment attributes. It should be noted that this feature is only available for yellow or orange equipment.

Choose the equipment you want to improve the attributes of, give it to the NPC, and then choose the Essence corresponding to the equipment, and finally, you need to pay a fee to let the NPC improve the attributes of the item. This fee is also costly. If new players want to complete this work smoothly, they must prepare the required cost in advance or buy gold Diablo 4.

Armors, weapons, and accessories all have corresponding tome essences. If you want to upgrade them separately, you need to obtain different types of tome essences, but players are happy that the same type of tome essence only needs to be received once. Yes, it can be reused, which saves players a lot of time.

Inheritance of Legendary Essence
This function can transfer the attributes of legendary equipment to other equipment, thereby improving the attributes of the equipment. After you separate the special properties of the orange item, you can use it to improve the properties of the corresponding item. The operation steps are the same as above. It should be noted that the Essence separated from the orange weapon can only be used on the corresponding gun and cannot be used on armor or accessories.

If the Essence separated from the orange weapon is inherited from another gun, the Essence will become one with this weapon and cannot be reused or separated again. Therefore, please take your time with upgrade items when you get a good essence. It’s better to wait until you get a potent thing in the later stage and upgrade it again.

Essence required by the rogue profession
Players of the rogue class should take advantage of the Essence that can increase the base attack speed, which can usually be obtained in weapons such as two-handed bows or crossbows. This Essence increases your base attack speed by 50% or more. With enough essential attack speed, the rogue will unlock more powerful special effects, making your attack very violent and speeding up energy recovery, making you stronger.


  1. Do not disassemble unnecessary orange equipment directly when you get unnecessary orange equipment. The correct way is to extract its Essence first and then disassemble it.
  2. If it is a legendary special effect essence that is decomposed and extracted under a profession, other characters cannot see it or use it simultaneously. So use the correct domain to decompose the legendary equipment of different occupations.

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