Blade & Soul: Silverfrost Hongmoon Store Update Today

New consumables and resources to help you on your journey.The Silverfrost Mountains expansion brings a number of new consumables and resources to help you throughout your adventures to level 50 and beyond.You need more bns gold to prepare for new content.


These new clan crafting designs will help you and your clan members stand out when you craft your unique clan outfits.

.Mirage Crystal
.Dye Wax
.Pattern Wax
.Air Assassin Design
.Monocle Recipe
.Air Assassin Bandana Recipe
.Raincoat Design
.Dokkaebi Half Mask Design
.Raincoat Headgear Design
.Black Red Official Uniform Design
.Thornclaw Eye Adornment Design
.Butterfly Ornament Design
.Elite Guard Headgear Design
.Dokkaebi Dance Recipe
.Cinderlands Dancer’s Recipe
.Operative Hat Recipe
.Clan Design Expansion


.Hongmoon Level Hot Dragon Soup


.Siren Emblem
.Pirate Emblem
.Moonwater Tear


.Hongmoon Brilliant Silverfrost Key

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Five Steps to Download Blade and Soul Mobile for Vietnam Gamers

As we’ve previously reported, Blade and Soul Mobile has officially launched in the Chinese market in the past 07/03. Due to the language barrier, many gamers have difficulty in downloading the game to experience.

In fact, gamers using Android OS devices can download the APK file now Blade and Soul Mobile at Home: Apple followers will get a little more difficult due to the game download through iTunes will be limited to the region. And it don’t cost any bns gold.Therefore, today we will show you the steps to be able to read owns Blade and Soul Mobile an easy way.

1 – Click on link: on your app store, you will be transferred to the store Chinese applications.

2. Select an application to download any hint system to create a new Apple ID. Now select the region “中国” as shown in Fig.

3 – Create a new account as required, fill out your email address, identification number and password. Selection does not have a credit card, eventually filled questions and answers.

4 – Confirmation e-mail address

5 – Log your newly created account will download the game easily. As far as we have ever reviewed, Blade and Soul Mobile has created a new effect for familiar names with new gameplay features, entirely unaffected from Blade and Soul What, apart from the character . This is one of those rare products NCSoft gives players. Obviously, the game the fans of Blade and Soul or online games in general will not be missed is extremely exciting game. For more information, please go to

Silverfrost Mountains Dungeon Preview of Blade & Soul

The upcoming expansion introduces eight new dungeons to the game.With the upcoming Silverfrost Mountains expansion we’re introducing eight exciting new dungeons—five Expert (blue), and three Heroic (purple). While these will present a significant new challenge for even the most highly trained martial artist, the rewards will be even greater, providing new weapon and accessory upgrade progression paths, Soul Shields, and cosmetic rewards.Do you prepare enough bns gold for the new content?

Below are brief overviews of the three Heroic dungeons being introduced in the upcoming Silverfrost Mountains expansion.

Awakened Necropolis

A demonic invasion has been sealed inside a city’s walls, and the demons have been making coordinated escape attempts to spread their vile influence. The demons are rallying their forces once again to smash through the blockade, and it’s up to you to help the Soul Wardens keep them under control.

Battle through a horde of undead to face the Unholy Jiangshi Demon, then you’ll need to split your team up to simultaneously defend separate Demonseal Cores from waves of demons, and finally enter the Necropolis itself to face the Scorpion Queen.

Lair of the Frozen Fang

In the northern parts of the Silverfrost Mountains live a tribe of savage monsters called the Jomu, who kidnap humans to serve as slaves and blood sacrifices. The Jomu worship the Tetralisk Queen as an ancient deity, and are attempting to empower demonic snakes to let them escape their frozen captivity.

Fight your way to the first two bosses Godem the Fist and Jarakhan, and then challenge Court Lady Sa. Next you need to take on Chuchu, a large winged boss that will summon miniature yetis while you attempt to defeat him. You can choose what order you take on the final two bosses, but you won’t be victorious until you defeat both the Bladescale Naga King and Tetralisk Queen.

Avalanche Den

While the Yeti in the Silverfrost region have been known to kidnap the odd villager from time to time, the Angler Yeti is a special case as it uses illusions to lure victims into its clutches. This has posed a particularly dangerous threat to the locals, and it’s up to you to stop the Angler Yeti and keep it from capturing any further victims.

The Avalanche Den presents a number of unique obstacles, including cavern fungus and giant snowballs that you’ll need to dodge to avoid being grabbed or knocked down. You’ll need to use snowballs to knock the first boss, Mighty Chubarro, from his perch to defeat him. The final boss, the Angler Yeti itself, will attempt to freeze and smash any of those attempting to stop its terrible reign.
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Take a Lesson for Upgrading Your Weapon in Blade and Soul

Your weapon in Blade and Soul will grow in power and ability alongside your own.

Regardless of the path you take, your weapon will be a consistent tool throughout your journey. From your earliest days of training in your chosen martial art, until your last, your weapon will be your constant throughout. Early in your journeys you’ll come across a weapon of immense power—a Hongmoon weapon—your weapon.If you want get powerful weapon soon,blade and soul power leveling is a good choice This is the tool you will keep with you, and work to increase in power along your journey.

When defeating your foes they will at times drop their own weapons or you will be rewarded with training crystals, and these can be sacrificed to imbue your weapon with their strength. As you add the power from other weapons to your own, it increases in level, enhancing the weapon’s power and attributes.

Once it has reached Stage 5, it can be coaxed to breakthrough to Stage 6 with the power of a specific rare weapon, and rare reagents. when your weapon can continue its journey to Stage 10 and transform into a new weapon once a different rare weapon and reagent have been collected. After the transformation has been completed, your weapon will return to Stage 1, but with a new appearance and name.

Difficult enemies keep the weapons needed to begin a breakthrough or transformation, and the rare reagents can generally be found through repeatable quests within certain areas of the world.

In addition to your weapon, your path will also include a selection of accessories that also increase in power in the same way as your weapon–fed with other accessories—and also breakthrough tiers using rare accessories and reagents.

Enemy weapons aren’t always destined for destruction though; they also provide unique appearances that can be kept and used to change the look of your own weapon. There are tales of very rare and powerful Legendary quality weapons that can sometimes even rival the power of your Hongmoon weapon at the highest levels of expertise.

The success of any martial artist will not only rely on their own physical strength and training, but also of their weapon.For more information, please go to

Animation Cancelling of Blade & Soul

So it seems Blade & Soul has a few hidden tricks that can be used to noticeably increase damage output.Animation cancelling is not a new thing, and plenty of other games had it before Blade & Soul, with tricks like jump shots in Aion or the ominous Furious Charge bug in Diablo III.Animation cancelling will not affect your blade & soul gold. Personally, I have not known about these ways people become overpowered in Blade & Soul until I began playing as a Destroyer, and around level 30 when I decided to fully spec on Cleave, I realised that certain skills were cancelling each other’s animation.

With the Destroyer, this is a simple matter of timing left and right clicks or if you have the basic attack and cleave bound to other keys like R and T, then you will be pressing those. I played around a few hours with this dirty element of Blade & Soul, and it seemed that you will need somewhere around 0.3-0.5 seconds between two clicks or key presses for the animation cancelling to work. This is only the case if you have a decent ping, probably under 75ms. Other classes also have skills that can cancel the animations of others when timed right.

If I am not mistaken, the Assassin has a similar way of cancelling animation with left and right clicks along with the Force Master who can use LMB and RMB clicks to quickly stack up debuffs.

The Blade Master can combine Flicker with RMB in order to get the animation cancelling to work, and the other classes are bound to have similar tricks up their sleeves.

Whether this feature of Blade & Soul was intentional or it is a simple bug, I do not know, but as long as you use it without third-party programs like macros, it shouldn’t go against any of the rules. It seems that the animation cancelling could have been an unfortunate phenomenon that players eventually spotted and it can greatly affect a character’s success in many segments of the game.

There are plenty of sites on the internet that provide guides for animation cancelling for separate classes, but be warned, it does often put one’s finger to the test. We are not encouraging you guys to actively make use of a constant bug, but there is a high chance that this part of Blade & Soul will never be fixed. We have added below a video from popular B&S streamer Jaesung in which he demonstrates animation cancelling for the Destroyer class.For more information, please go to