Animation Cancelling of Blade & Soul

So it seems Blade & Soul has a few hidden tricks that can be used to noticeably increase damage output.Animation cancelling is not a new thing, and plenty of other games had it before Blade & Soul, with tricks like jump shots in Aion or the ominous Furious Charge bug in Diablo III.Animation cancelling will not affect your blade & soul gold. Personally, I have not known about these ways people become overpowered in Blade & Soul until I began playing as a Destroyer, and around level 30 when I decided to fully spec on Cleave, I realised that certain skills were cancelling each other’s animation.

With the Destroyer, this is a simple matter of timing left and right clicks or if you have the basic attack and cleave bound to other keys like R and T, then you will be pressing those. I played around a few hours with this dirty element of Blade & Soul, and it seemed that you will need somewhere around 0.3-0.5 seconds between two clicks or key presses for the animation cancelling to work. This is only the case if you have a decent ping, probably under 75ms. Other classes also have skills that can cancel the animations of others when timed right.

If I am not mistaken, the Assassin has a similar way of cancelling animation with left and right clicks along with the Force Master who can use LMB and RMB clicks to quickly stack up debuffs.

The Blade Master can combine Flicker with RMB in order to get the animation cancelling to work, and the other classes are bound to have similar tricks up their sleeves.

Whether this feature of Blade & Soul was intentional or it is a simple bug, I do not know, but as long as you use it without third-party programs like macros, it shouldn’t go against any of the rules. It seems that the animation cancelling could have been an unfortunate phenomenon that players eventually spotted and it can greatly affect a character’s success in many segments of the game.

There are plenty of sites on the internet that provide guides for animation cancelling for separate classes, but be warned, it does often put one’s finger to the test. We are not encouraging you guys to actively make use of a constant bug, but there is a high chance that this part of Blade & Soul will never be fixed. We have added below a video from popular B&S streamer Jaesung in which he demonstrates animation cancelling for the Destroyer class.For more information, please go to