Five Steps to Download Blade and Soul Mobile for Vietnam Gamers

As we’ve previously reported, Blade and Soul Mobile has officially launched in the Chinese market in the past 07/03. Due to the language barrier, many gamers have difficulty in downloading the game to experience.

In fact, gamers using Android OS devices can download the APK file now Blade and Soul Mobile at Home: Apple followers will get a little more difficult due to the game download through iTunes will be limited to the region. And it don’t cost any bns gold.Therefore, today we will show you the steps to be able to read owns Blade and Soul Mobile an easy way.

1 – Click on link: on your app store, you will be transferred to the store Chinese applications.

2. Select an application to download any hint system to create a new Apple ID. Now select the region “中国” as shown in Fig.

3 – Create a new account as required, fill out your email address, identification number and password. Selection does not have a credit card, eventually filled questions and answers.

4 – Confirmation e-mail address

5 – Log your newly created account will download the game easily. As far as we have ever reviewed, Blade and Soul Mobile has created a new effect for familiar names with new gameplay features, entirely unaffected from Blade and Soul What, apart from the character . This is one of those rare products NCSoft gives players. Obviously, the game the fans of Blade and Soul or online games in general will not be missed is extremely exciting game. For more information, please go to