I sincerely hope that you would have your Hardcore mode hero to live as long as you play

I have a Hardcore Mode paragon level 20 Monk. The HC experience has increased my horizon a lot. This time, I would share with you some HC attitude instead of some skill and runes. We all know that Hardcore is a place where you would enjoy more as well as frustrate more. The unsteady Internet can make your two month created hero die in just one second and make you frustrated for one week. There is one thing you should value most is your life in Hardcore. It is luxury to die in HC. So, you should bear these tips in mind.

Tip one, team with those who value life. Take care of your life as well as your teammate’s life. Stay at the spot to wait for them. Catch the one who run away without caution. Help them to level up the back-up heroes. This is the way to help yourself as well. If you have someone who does not value the life at all and venture all the time. You should decline their invitation. Low Monster power is always safer with great efficiency.

Tip two, never pay to die. We do not judge those who pay to win. But it is wrong for you to pay to sacrifice. You only have one life in Hardcore. You would never have two identical heroes in the HC.

Tip three, Health Globe, All resistance and Armor are priorities. In HC, there is no need for you to stack high the DPS and die easily. Shield would always be a necessity. Lift on Hit, Life regeneration per second, Life after skill and health potion are always better than Life steal. This is the great difference between HC and SC. You can only choose one between Health Globe and DPS. The higher the DPS, the lower the Health Globe.
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The three tips are my Hardcore experience only. I sincerely hope that you would have your Hardcore mode hero to live as long as you play.