Career Mode’s 7 Players You Should Have

Career mode is one of the most popular game modes in FIFA 15. It’s enjoyable to buy a player and then sell them for a huge profit after one or two seasons later. But
It’s not easy to find some valuable players, to be honest. So we have found seven worth players you can try to help you.

Claudio Marchisio
Marchisio is one of the more expensive bargains on this list but he’s still a brilliant options for clubs that can afford his wages. He is no longer first choice in Turin and he is the perfect example of a player who is good at everything. Marchisio has stats of 74 or higher in every single area except for free-kick accuracy, heading accuracy and marking, pretty good going. He may not be wanted by Juventus but Marchisio can be a star for any team he’s a part of.

7 players,FIFA 15,valuable

Ali Adnan
This 21 year old – at the start of the game – left-back is an absolute steal and he has the potential to see his overall potential get above 80. He has excellent stamina, surprisingly good shot-power and he’s good in the tackle as well. Because he isn’t really known in the real world he isn’t going to cost you a lot and you aren’t going to face too much competition which will be a big help in securing his signature. We’re just hoping that he stays where he is for the rest of the January window so we can keep on signing him.

Tyias Browning
The Everton youngster has put in some impressive performances for the club since making his debut but thankfully for you that hasn’t inflated his price. If you can bring him you will have a player who is more than capable of doing a good job in League 1 or League 2 and he has the potential to grow even further. He can get into the mid 70s if he’s played enough and his sprint speed is already at 80. A very useful defender for lower league sides.

Paris Cowan-Hall
Now we know that a lot of players like to play further down the divisions rather than in the top league of any given country. With that in mind we have included a few players who will prove to be absolute bargains for lower league sides. You’re going to have to move fast to sign Cowan-Hall before the winter update comes out and he is assigned to his new club Millwall. On the game he’s still at Wycombe Wanderers and will stay there if you select to use the default squads when you start the game. Few players in the lower leagues can live with Cowan-Hall for pace, the boy has got 91 acceleration, 90 sprint speed and 90 balance.

7 players,FIFA 15,valuable

Joel Campbell
Joel Campbell has been with Arsenal for a number of years but it was only this summer that his work permit was granted and he was able to actually play for the club. After watching him in the Champions League against Manchester United and then the World Cup Arsenal fans were very excited to see how the Costa Rican would get on for their side. Sadly things haven’t worked out for him and he’s now very much on the fringes. The good news is that this means he can be signed for a very small fee given that he is already rated in the mid 70s with potential to grow well into the 80s. With acceleration and spring speed pushing 90 he is a real menace in the wide positions.

Lorenzo Insigne
With 93 acceleration, 95 agility, 93 balance, dribbling 84, ball control 86 and 85 sprint speed Insigne is one of the best players to play with in this year’s game. Best of all it is possible to pick him up for a very reasonable price given a) how good he is now, and b) how good he can become. With the correct guidance Insigne can rise into the mid 80s, and possibly higher which is a rather terrifying thought. It shouldn’t be too hard to get him on the pitch either given that he can play on the left, up front or behind the striker.

Alessandro Florenzi
We really liked Adrien Rabiot but he has now signed a new deal with PSG which means that he is no longer the bargain that he once was unless you start using the default squad system. A slightly more expensive, but still cheap, option is Alessandro Florenzi of Roma. He is far from first choice in the Italian capital and thus he can be picked up for a minimal amount. He has the ability to grow into the 80′s and he has good physicals and decent technical stats. A great option for smaller top division sides.

3 Mitakes in FIFA 15, maded by EA

EA,3 mistakes,FIFA 15


FIFA 15 was always trying their best to centrol the best seller gaming charts in the UK, in last few weeks and even months. It was conformed by Electronic Arts that EA has run ahead of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) so much. But EA has started to drop the ball in gameplay and content .

EA has done a remarkable job with the physics engine, gameplay, presentation and licensing, but they have added new features and policies that has deteriorated the game. There are three consequential problems that have affected FIFA 15 gameplay.

Offline gameplay has been totally ignored

We can all agree that FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) and online game modes are the best features of the games. We all have been integrated somehow to playing online with fellow gamers all across the world. FUT allows you to build your dream team and most can argue that this is perhaps one of the most fulfilling things in the game. FUT has become so immense in FIFA that many are proposing a standalone version of the game.

EA’s obsession with FUT has forced them to neglect offline gameplay. It is clear that they spent the least attention on this feature. Seriously, outside of Career Mode, what else is there to do? There aren’t many interesting offline game modes. Whenever the servers are down (which is often), it is likely most of us can’t play. No one wants to waste time of the Training Ground or play the Legends.

Park the Bus was simply wrong for gaming.

Real life football teams employ Park the Bus as a defensive tactic, so EA introducing it in FIFA 15 would appear plausible. However, it has been severely exploited by gamers and using the tactic is no longer strategy or fun gaming. The idea has potential, but it can make super teams impossible to beat. Having extreme offensive and defensive strategies are necessary in gameplay, but Park the Bus should not be a necessary evil.

Cheating with Coin Sellers

Here we are again discussing FUT. Sure enough, people have figured out how to abuse the coin system in Ultimate Team. FIFA 15 coin sellers make it much easier to build your dream squad. This is a serious problem for genuine players, because the quality of a team now depends on who can afford the highest. Much like gaming and movie privacy, this is issue has spread like wild fire without no real way of stopping it. Ultimate Team loses its legitimacy due to sellers and buyers who don’t play fair.

In my opinion, EA must do some thing useful or I would not play FIFA 15 anymore!

‘Uptown Funk!’, borned for FIFA 15 Celebration

           Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson,FIFA 15 Celebration, ‘Uptown Funk!’

The number 1 of Billboard Top 100  was owned by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars because of his new hit song ‘Uptown Funk!’.And this single would appeared on Electronic Arts hit game FIFA 15,which surprised us mostly.

Ronson’s song, praised for its fun nature and funky song, was released as the lead single for his fourth studio album, Uptown Special (2015), on November 20, 2014. The song which draws influence from many funk artists has been “catching the allusions to one early ’80s funk/R&B classic after another.”

The single has been commercially successful, spending five weeks at number one on the UK Singles Chart, three weeks at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100, and topped the charts in several other countries including Australia, Canada, Ireland, France and New Zealand, per

One FIFA 15 gamer has adopted the Uptown Funk choreographed to a FIFA 15 celebration after a goal.

I’m Looking forward to that day so much!

Some problems on FIFA 15 servers yesterday

The EA servers are down yesterday on January 22 caused by some unknow reasons. There are some issues with FIFA 15, and we find that BF4 and Madden NFL 15 servers having problems too.

EA servers,  Down, FIFA 15If you are just about to play a round of FUT, you’ll have to wait as for the moment you can’t log into FUT. As far as we’re aware, there hasn’t been any prior indication that this was planned EA server maintenance today across all games, so hopefully we’re not talking about an attack of some sort.

Some problems on FIFA 15 servers yesterday

The official EA FIFA account on Twitter mentions no planned maintenance, so hopefully EA are aware that the servers have just gone down globally and are working on a fix asap.

Which EA game were you playing just now and have been kicked out of online play? As we try to find some answers to the surprise downtime, let us know if the EA servers are down in your area.

Guys, Can you play the FIFA 15 now? Just watting patiently.

Personal Experiment for 44 Chem Myth

What’s about the “44 Chem Myth”? It means that if a player has at least 4 Chem he will play on full performance, but simply won’t get the boosts. Nobody exactly knows how big this boosts are and everyone is wondering about this. So I thought: Let’s try something. So the main message behind this myth is simply “you don’t need chemistry links”.

FIFA 15 coins PS3

44 Chem Myth
As you see, every player is on 4 Chem. I spent a big amount of FIFA 15 coins PS3 getting those Basic Chemistry styles to equal everything up. I built this team on purpose, so there isn’t one player in the team how has a link to anyone else.

So my current FIFA record is 367 – 46 – 165. So overall I lose 1 out of 4 games. Not that good – not that bad. Maybe a typical division 1 – 2 player.

I played this team for 25 games – not the typical 10, I thought 25 would be better to give you a good feedback.

In this 25 games that I´ve played, I won 21, draw 1 and lost 3, so overall the performance of the team seems to equal my normal performance.

Let’s get a little bit deeper and talk about “Single Player Performance”, “Overall team performance” or Let’s say “Team Feeling”.

So the “Single Player Performance”
I used most of the players before, I normally have the typical douchebag chemistry method. All Strikers and Wingers on Hunter, Central Midfielder on Catalyst and and Defender on Shadow (Please don’t offense me for this…) So usually my Strikers, Wingers and Defenders should get a little Boost on Pace – but tbh I couldn’t realise any difference. Agüero was outpacing most of the Center backs (with the exception of David Luiz and Onuoha) as always. Same here for Hazard and Robben. Ramos nearly won every run against the well known Strikers (with the exception of Sturridge, Ibarbo, Doumbia… we all know this story).

So for me there wasn’t really a noticeable difference. Same here for the other stats. Agüero, Suarez, Hazard and Robben seemed to be clinical finisher as always. Only difference, but maybe it was just me: Robbens weak foot felt weaker than before – it actually felt more like a 1 star wk

Overall Team Performance and Team Feeling
So sometimes the people say “If you play a team without Chemistry it is harder to pass the ball between your players” – I can NOT agree with this. I think it just depends on your skill and our expectations. Maybe it is a kind of notion that Let’s you think this, but I really can´t agree. Tbh I played this games with may more passion – I really focused on the game – I really tried to give my best.

So sometimes the people say “Playing a team without Chemistry feels sluggish“. I have to say that SOMETIMES I can agree with this. But I think this is based on a kind of momentum, or maybe it is the game speed or just a problem with lags. There were 2-3 games that felt a bit sluggish but tbh I haven’t found a reason for this. But if you are 100% in the game and focus on it you will deal with it.

FIFA 15 coins PS3

So sometimes the people say “If you play a team without Chemistry, your players will to stupid mistakes” – Yeah, I totally agree. But it doesn’t matter if you have Chemistry or not – stupid mistakes will always happen. I made a little spreadsheet and noticed after every game the amount of balls that bounced away while I´m trying to reach it, Goalkeeper Mistakes, Hitting the Bar and Post, missing great chances and so on. I did the same with a typical 100 Chemistry BPL Squad and compared the data. There was no difference. There will always be games where your goalkeeper won’t react. There will always be games where you miss a great chance.

So for me, there was no difference in the overall team feeling
So I have to say, imo there is no difference playing a team with or without Chemistry.

One thing I noticed while playing this team was the reaction of my opponents. I usually play division 1 and 2, so there are less players that try to run straight to my goal at the kick-off. With this team nearly every opponent who played me and had the kick off, tried just to pass my team to score.

I collected about 9 Direct Messages on PSN saying “This is just handicap, you have no chemistry. Go and F your M… You SoaB…”

I think playing a team without chemistry gives you three big mental benefits:

1. Your opponent feels a safe win from the kick off on
2. You will expect less from your team, what will give you more power. You will be more focused and will play better
3. Whether you believe or don’t believe in Handicap, Scripting and Momentum – You will have a little feeling that you get the advantage

And the biggest benefit from all:
You can be able to built your real Ultimate Team. You can built the team you want.

I am sorry that I haven’t tried position changes in this little experiment, but I thought this would be too much. But with the fact that players on 4 chem (for me!) perform just like they do I think it would be no problem to play an LM on CM (David Silva f.e.)


5 Players need to be downgraded when FIFA 15 January Upgrades

There are prepare for the biggest ever January upgrades in FIFA 15 at the end of the month. We can expect a rating increase for in-form players like Sergio Aguero and Alexis Sanchez, but what about those players who have fallen out of grace and are now forced to rub the bench?

FIFA 15 news

Here, we look at the five players who deserve to get downgraded at the end January. Now, the list is not exhaustive and may not represent all the top players deserving a a bump down.

5. Luis Suárez – 89 to 88
4. Mesut Özil – 86 to 84
3. Simon Mignolet – 82 to 80
2. Radamel Falcao – 88 to 87
1. Mario Balotelli – 82 to 80

What’s your guess about the FUT 15 Team of the Year?

Well, just as shown in the infographic, the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Team of the year will be revealed on Monday, January 12th. This comes as the first of many exciting releases this month for EA’s FIFA 15. At the end of the month, all gamers will be privy to the January FIFA 15 upgrades.

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FIFA Ultimate team TOTW in January 7th

As usual, EA Sports creates a FIFA Ultimate Team Team of the Week (TOTW) based on players in the real world that are in form for that week. Take a look at the team that will be available for one week from 7th January at 6pm.

fifa 15

Starting XI
GK – Geronimo Rulli (Real Sociedad)
CB – Renato Civelli (Bursaspor)
CB – Nicolas Otamendi (Valencia CF)
CB – Diego Godin (Atletico Madrid)
LB – Gael Clichy (Man City)
CDM – Felipe Melo (Galatasaray SK)
CAM – Ezequiel Scarione (Kasimpasa SK)
CM – Andre Andre (Vit Guimaraes)
LM – Nicolas Gaitan (SL Benfica)
ST – Harry Kane (Spurs)
LW – Mark Gonzalez (Uni Catolica)

GK – Luke McCormick (Plymouth Argyle)
CB – Alex Bruce (Hull City)
RM – Gary Mackay-Steven (Dundee United)
CAM – De las Cuevas (CA Osasuna)
LM – Josh Morris (Fleetwood Town)
ST – Mitchell Duke (Central Coast)
ST – Tomer Hemed (UD Almeria)