Diablo 3 News – Launch Night Catastrophe

Diablo 3 News – 05/15/2012 – Launch Day Catastrophe. The servers supporting long-awaited role-playing game Diablo 3 went online on Monday night, but then promptly crashed under the sheer weight of global demand. Players found themselves unable to access the game, many repeatedly receiving the now notorious “error37″ message, informing customers that their connection had failed.

The hashtag #error37 immediately began trending on Twitter, attracting a mix of furious complaints and ironic comments. “Man, Diablo 3 is super hard. I’ve been playing for 30 minutes and haven’t even defeated the login screen,” tweeted one gamer.

The dungeon exploration game is set to be one of the biggest releases of the year, and fans of the series have been waiting more than a decade for the latest installment. However, in a controversial bid to combat piracy, the title requires players to log on to developer Blizzard’s servers before they can enter the game – even if they only want to try the single-player offline campaign. This has created a bottleneck that the company’s online infrastructure has so far struggled to cope with.

In April, Diablo 3 News reported that Blizzard “stress tested” the Diablo servers with an open beta,and reports indicated that error37s were cropping up at this stage, too.

However, as Activision discovered with the stuttering global roll-out of its Call of Duty: Elite online service last year, controlled tests don’t always prepare for the sheer weight of worldwide demand.

In fact, Blizzard had already warned gamers in its online Diablo 3 launch guide that there might be delays with logging in on launch day.

Blizzard has released the following statement.Due to high concurrency the login servers are currently at full capacity. This may cause delays in the login process, account pages and web services. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience while this is being resolved.

It is expected that, over the next 48 hours, as demand settles and the infrastructure is improved, the log in process will become much smoother. However, the situation will no doubt put the whole issue of online authentication back into the spotlight.

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Which Demon Hunter Skill Build is Your Favorite One?

Welcome to the most popular Diablo 3 Gold store. Hope you can join our public Facebook page get the invitation code of Wheel of Fortune. There are many of players get the free D3 Gold from our activity, hope you will be the lucky guy. Today, we are glad to share three skill builds for Demon Hunter with you.

The key point of this build is the recovery of Hatred. In addition, under the multiple fire damage you can cause powerful AOE damage. With the guarantee of 30 disciplines you can keep Shadow Power always and output high DPS. It is suitable for you to farm Diablo 3 Gold and Items in 0-5 MP. As we all know, the highest efficiency of upgrading is 0 MP. While, the disadvantage of this build is the speed of electric ball is too low to kill some flexible monsters. All in all, the great balance of Hatred and Discipline support you farm high level of MP.

For this build, you should ensure more than 50% Critical Hits Damage to touch off the Night Stalker then you wouldn’t worry about lack of discipline. The point is that you can hit the enemies over running with fast speed. Although, there is the Vengeance to support you recover Hatred fast, you still will lack of hatred. So, the Hungering Arrow with high DPS and recover Hatred is necessary. For my personally view, this build is good for 0MP to increase you XP fast and easy. While, this build has high requirement of the blood life and resistance. We suggest you armed with life steal weapons. You know, as long as you survival that you can output high damage!

According to the Barbarians’ parkour style, some players has designed this build for our Demon Hunter. High Critical hit damage with hits add life, high mobility force with transport ability and high DOT is the most famous advantage for this build. The DOT of Vault + Trail of Cinders is the essential factors for this build. However, the generally problems for Demon Hunter is the blood and discipline return. Of course, your weapons should equipped with per hit add life and per second add discipline. In addition, the armor should tend to with all resistance to increase your defense.

As you know, these Build is good for players to farm Diablo 3 Gold and legendary items in 0-5 MP. So, you should equip with high MF weapons and movement speed added. After all, with this build you don’t need to buy expensive legendary weapons in AH. No matter which one you like, you should arm with right items for yourself. Welcome to our Facebook Page share your skill build with us!

Diablo 3 Beta has begun!

Blizzard recently announced that Diablo 3 has begun! At the beginning most of the beta testers will be friends and family of Blizzard employees but soon more people will be able to access it. Stay tuned for more updates and meanwhile don’t forget to change your beta settings by going to your blizzard account, login and then on the right menu click beta profile settings.

There you will be able to download the profiler and after you run it, Blizzard will know that you are interested in beta participation and your system specs in order for you to have a chance to be included in the beta!
Good luck and stay tuned!

Ever paid double the price? Diablo 3 Auction House Guide for Smart Buyers

Wait, what?!? Why the heck should someone need a guide to buy stuff from the Auction House? Well, buying items is a great way to upgrade your equipment and be able to progress through the game without dying a lot. To be able to buy items intelligently, you need to set up filters in order for you to see only the items that are both great and cheap. Given that millions of people play Diablo 3, you will find the same exact item many times on the auction and because there is no search, filters will help you find the version of the item you want without having to spend a fortune.

Let’s take a closer look at the auction screen and see what we need to do.

Step 1: Make sure you’ve selected the class you’re looking for items for. If you haven’t, you might want to switch characters so you can compare the items you see with the search results.

Step 2: Select “Armor” or “Weapons”.

Step 3: Input the level range of your items and try to give a wide range of levels because you might find a lower level item that gives more statistics than an item 5 levels or more above. For rarity, I always go for “Rare”.

Step 4: You really should add the stats of your preference. For Monk and Demon Hunter your items should have Dexterity and Vitality, for Barbarian go for Strength and Vitality, the Witch Doctor needs Intelligence and Vitality and so does the Wizard. It’s important for items to have great stats, because even a small increment to the stat of your choice gives your character a great boost. Add one or even three Preferred Stats, but the more stats you select the more pricey our options are.

Step 5: One of the most important steps is adding a Max Buyout price. We do this because you will find the same item many, many times, and with different prices. What we need is the system to show us the items that have our stats and at the same time are cheap enough for us to buy.

For example, for items lower then level 50, I’d put less than 5000 for armor and 10000 for weapons. There’s no way it won’t show something to your liking. 🙂

Step 6: If you need, you can also sort by Buyout Price in order for you to start viewing the items sorted by lowest price first.

If after defining everything you keep getting too many pages, you can also add specific values to your preferred stats, asking from the item to have, let’s say more than 65 Dexterity.

This setup has not only saved me thousands upon thousands of gold, but also has made me able to easily reach Level 60 without thinking about upgrade costs.


Diablo 3 – Lord of Terror | Autobiography

Al’Diabolos, or more commonly known as Diablo, is the most popular of the 7 Great Evils. He is the most active of the Great Evils and has tormented Sanctuary many times before. His entity is of depthless evil.

Diablo is actually the youngest of the 3 brothers and considered to be the most creative and farsighted amongst demon kind. It can be argued that Mephisto is, in fact, the most intelligent, but intelligence and evil have many facets.

Diablo’s main focus is to instill terror to all those around him. He is calm, cunning, and patient. His weapons include fear, shock, and hopelessness. One of this greatest powers is to cast his influence into his victims minds, using their own fears against them. Diablo sees his victims as projects, and takes great pleasure in terrorizing them overtime. Unlike Mephisto, who loves to conquest, Diablo feeds on the terror and fear he instills into his victims; even more so than pain.

Diablo resides in one of the most unpopulated areas of hell. This part of hell is so treacherous, only a few demons can withstand its unrelenting torment. This Realm of Terror is desolate, filled with horrific scenes of darkness, madness, horror, and utter despair.

Diablo’s secret is that men are afraid to face their fears. The fears men have is the secret to Diablo’s reign of terror. “For as long as man fears the dark. Diablo will remain the most insidious and, I would argue, the most powerful of all the Evils,” Decard Cain.

Diablo 3 Guide: The Secrets of Monk Build

You all know that skills Breath of Heaven and Blinding Flash take important roles in most skill builds. The reasons are not the superficial of blinding and heal function. There are more hidden in the skill. This time we would talk about the two main skills for Monk.

Blinding Flash- Faith in the Light: When you encounter Champions or the tricky Molten monsters, this skill would give you an upper hand at first for 3 seconds. With the additional damage rune, the damage you give to the monsters is supposed to be more than the sheet damage. For example, my sheet damage is only 61024.35, when I use the Faith in the Light, the damage is 91054.58. This is totally 30% of additional damage. But when you use Breath of Heaven, would it be just plus relations or just times relations?

Breath of Heaven- Blazing Wrath: This skill not only heals you and allies but give you additional damage for 45 seconds as well.

When I stand still, and use both these skills, the sheet damage is 104712.77. It is the total of the 30% damage+ 15% damage of Blazing Wrath. And when you use the skill Mantra of Conviction, the damage taken can be 113115.63. For the first seconds, the damage can be higher. As you can see that, the damage a Monk can give is not only limited to the sheet damage. It can be increased as almost 90% in sheet. If you use the damage taken skills like Wave of Light and Seven- Sided Strike, the damage you can give is more than you can imagine.

Only when you have a better understanding of each skill and runes can you create the builds that suits you best. Builds have a great relation with the items you chosen. But attack speed is never a old fashion choice for a Monk. When you choose items, always keep the attack speed in mind. We have a lot of items for sale as well.

Steel Series Diablo 3 Headset Review

Right off the bat, I can say this Diablo 3 headset is nearly perfect. There are many features to this Steel Series headset so lets cover them one at a time.

Like the mouse, the headset uses a rope-like material to protect the wiring. This rope feels very durable and should withstand a lot of pressure unlike your traditional rubber wires. The headset itself is extremely comfortable. In fact, this is the most comfortable headset I have ever used. If you look at the picture above, you can kind of understand why this is so. The way it is designed seamlessly adapts to your head. I have heard that bald people sometimes complain about uncomfortable headsets but on this Diablo 3 headset the portion that touches your head is made of some kind of material that feels extremely comfortable on the skin. This headset feels like it just slips on and the ear pieces are perfectly placed as well. The design is awesome for any Diablo 3 fan.

The most important part is sound and voice quality. I tested the voice with a buddy of mine on skype. He says my voice sounds a lot clearer with this particular headset on. Also, the microphone is retractable. On first use, the user would just have to pull the mic out. The mic is in perfect position to my mouth as well. The sound quality is wonderful. It is crystal clear. I can hear music as well as human voices very well.

And finally, the wiring has a volume control on it. You can make it extremely loud but the sound quality will still be good.

I honestly don’t see anything wrong with this headset but to be fair, I will give a rating of 9.5/10.

For more information, please visit here.

Diablo III: New Services Added for Your Convenience

I would rather call it a hot fix as you do not have to download to enjoy the new services. But if you are careful enough, you would find the two new services yourselves. One is Add to Favorite. And the other is Facebook Activity. You can find both icons at the home page. If you have other constructive ideas to make your experience in our store more interesting, please let us know.

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D3 recording his experience of speed!

Diablo 3 was officially launched, and I am sure that all are enjoying the game so far. They are probably even vendoring and recover all the pieces of gear that you find that you can’t find a use for. To save time with the following character, I invite you to register any vehicle to find decent experience. Even if it is 3 levels, recording his experience of speed!

Why? Because the experience can cut gears until game time to 20%. The only problem is that you should follow to update the equipment or experience bonus will not be sufficient to its current level. You have a lot of games of experience developing all levels little “helpful.” It is not necessary to complete the set, some pieces to make a difference for the next character, and the next and the next…

If you are short on space and do not want to update the common objects, just create some additional characters, and move the shifter on a shared basis, as a place of temporary detention.

This will also save money in the long term, but with the time it takes to update the shared cache to avoid losing time moving items between characters.

This is your suggestion, for now, stop reading and go to play Diablo 3!

Diablo 3 Stream Gear Set Giveaway

Win a Free Set of Gear!

Each and every week we will be giving away a full set of gear to one lucky viewer of our stream. Winners will be able to select the class and spec the gear is designed for, so don’t worry about winning something you can’t even use. Each gear set will be able to farm at least MP5, allowing you to quickly gear up your main character or a freshly rolled alt.

How to Enter

Entering the giveaway is quick and easy. All you need to do is follow our Twitch.tv channel and watch the stream! Roughly once an hour, we will select a random viewer and enter their name into the giveaway list. At the end of each week (Friday), we will then take the entire list and randomly choose the giveaway winner. That person will then have one week to reply back to us, or they forfeit their prize.

Since we’re drawing giveaway “contestants” roughly once an hour, that means the more you watch, the better your odds of winning. You can have your name entered into the giveaway more than once, so make sure you tune in as much as possible to maximize your chances.

To re-cap, all you need to do for a chance at winning is:

» Must have a registered Twitch.tv account.
» Must “Follow” our stream channel.
» Tune into our stream to increase your odds!

Rules & Limitations

Sadly, this giveaway is only for the North American servers. I haven’t ever played on the EU or Asia servers, therefore I don’t have any funds available to me over there. If any of you want to donate some gold though so I can expand this giveaway to the other regions, send me (Unseen) a message here on the site or on Twitch (ManaPot).

You are only allowed to win one contest every three months. This is to help keep it fair and give everybody a chance at winning some loot.

Your name may be entered into the giveaway list more than once. So even if you get entered, keep on watching! It will only help to increase your odds of winning.

Being banned from our stream chat means that you are disqualified from the giveaway as well. It takes quite a bit to get banned anyways, so nobody should have an issues with this. 🙂