Using the Auction House Sensibly in Diablo Three

Many of my friends play the barbarians, spent a lot of gold, buy a lot of equipment still A2 door all get in, so I issued the AH sweep goods experience to tell you how to use a small amount of gold to upgrade their.

1. To raise the overall

Every piece of equipment carried by some attribute certain than it is now equipped with all the attributes of good. Only such equipment before buying. However, this upgrade, usually: first, the amplitude is small, the second, to do more. You have every piece of equipment is carefully selected, try to make it more perfect, through fear of you need to focus on the AH for a long time.

2. Make the approximate positioning for your own property

Want to get an equipment, not the AH to see what a good buy, and give their property to do an anchor. For example, you want to 80000 to get the blood, the DPS to get more than 30,000 non-BUFF anti-how they have 500 armor how to get to 6000, vampire 1000 seconds back 600 + These attributes are the landlord casually, just one example.

3. The principle of complementarity

In many cases, a property of some of the equipment will have a very high, such as a breastplate, physical strength will be 200, but the force was only 13. My breastplate, physical 80, the power of 79, how do? My program, you first do not worry to buy Cheap Diablo 3 Gold you want to change is certainly not one, you and your dreams is bound to the distance, so many properties are relatively low you have to change. After you see this breastplate, you can search to search the rest of your equipment, for example, say I have been wearing the wrist of one million years. I hope the strength of the wrist can, then enter your search criteria, the search to a wrist strength 120 physical 33 wrist power of the landlord 79, physical 75. In accordance with the principle of to raise the overall, that these two equipment certainly not buy it.

4. The weight analysis

There are always some properties that you as a treasured. Others you do not think it important. Here, I assume that the pursuit of strength and endurance are the same, so these two occupy the same 0.5 specific gravity. Complementary method, and ultimately enhance the points in accordance with the weight of analysis, then 78 (physical) * 0.5 + (- 25 * 0.5) = 26.5, relative to spend 1.8 million gold coins, upgrade for 14.72%, a comprehensive upgrade: 18.5 percent. Well, according to this decision, the advantages of the latter than the former, do not look at the value of three million, the overall upgrade than you buy a breastplate and then buy gloves. This conclusion is come to you attach equal importance to physical strength and strength of the premise.

6. The golden rule

The gold you saved, you can buy better equipment, the gold you are worried, spent the best goods in the AH, you can only watch.

Finally, I wish you a pleasant game, do not always entangled in what this off, that is seconds, Xinfu air dry, excessive pursuit of fast progress is a waste of a lot of gold in the AH main reason, or enjoy the play of high-grade equipment, identification when emotionally.

5. The art of balance

Every piece of equipment has its limits property, such as the requirements of the carapace of a 200-endurance high endurance, and bring the inevitable soaring prices. You can slightly reduce the demand for endurance, increase strength requirements, such as at least 150 stamina, but it must be at least 40 strength, so buy two and that is integrated 150 +33 physical, the power of 40 120, respectively at 155 and 158, so you can re-calculate your upgrade.