Good Tips For Diablo 3 Players

absolutely essential tips:

1) go into options and turn on Advance tool tips

2) The First is to read everything that pops up on screen. It will prevent people from asking obvious questions. Also, read the dialogues at least one time. Knowing the story is important.

3) Your skills scale with weapon damage. Even if you’re a caster. Use the highest DPS weapon you can find, at least initially.The game tells you this, but ONLY if you enable “advanced tooltips” in options.It is also highly recommended to enable “elective mode” in options. That lets you choose any skill you’ve learned for each slot, giving you a ton more flexibility.This is what I told my friends who were not in the beta, when they played in the open weekend… except for one guy, whom I missed… and found him later, very sad, in the Weeping Hollow, because he didn’t realize that if he wanted to kill stuff his wizard needed to swap out his starter wand for something with a lil more oomph.

4) Enable Advanced Tooltips and Elective Mode right from the start.ALL skills damage are based on weapon damage.Don’t assume stuff from D2. Boss run is not the best Diablo 3 Gold way to farm, in fact Boss drops no better loot than a champions pack.High level rushing won’t be viable and waypoints are resetted every time you restart the quest.

Here’s a tip for newcomers that I don’t think has been mentioned yet: Start with single player. You’ll get a chance to experience the story without people in multiplayer games cancelling every cutscene, and you’ll have a chance to learn the game at your own pace without feeling like you’re just following after people who are “rushing” their way through. (Once you get used to it, that “rush” feeling will be fine, but it’s not a great way to learn the game.)
To echo a ton of other people here: Turn on advanced tooltips. The simple version of the tooltips should frankly not be in the game.