Let’s talk about the end FIFA game, guys.

We can find out some reasons that EA Sport are allowing this to continue easily. These three points is the most important, which we will discuss late.

end FIFA game, 3 points

1.) They have no means of stopping coin generators.

2.) They don’t care, that is, they don’t care about the loss in profits from people spending money on coins rather than FP.

3.) It benefits them in a way unbeknownst to us (or to me at the very least).

end FIFA game, 3 points

Obviously No.1 is the more likely (or at least innocent on their behalf) reason for it but what do you think will be the future? If coin generating continues at the current rate then surely there’ll simply be too many coins on the market for any drop in prices. If people can buy 1 millions coins for a couple of pounds then prices of players will forever be ridiculously inflated.

The game risks being broken long before TOTS comes out and there is any potential for a crash, with many players being worth 15 million fifa coins. If it’s possible to buy 15 million coins for 30 pound in the future then some players will simply cease to be attainable in the game.

end FIFA game, 3 points

I think EA Sport must do something useful to stop that, or FUT will be going to break in a few month late. Do you agree with me?