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Buying gold from sites usually get yourself banned

Great changes have made in this new patch and players have to be ready for all these new challenges with harder work in the game. Some players got the key point for the new patch which is that more Diablo3 gold is needed with these new changes.

Choose a place with safe delivery process
As a Diablo 3 player, what I worried about most is that how can I get my products after I have paid for it. Especially when I need to buy power level on site, I don’t know whether I can get my account back after they worked with my account. It’s of course a serious problem and do matter for me. What I do then is that I will consult a site to get all detailed information about their delivery process. I’d like the face to face delivery method. For power leveling, I must be sure that I will get the same account as I gave them before after they delivered it to me.

Choose a place with safe payment methods
After finding a place with cheap and handmade Diablo 3 Gold for sale, we also should notice the payment method they provide. The reason why I say so is that you may not get your money back when you were not able to receive what you bought. Some sites provide players products with only credit card payment. But it’s not really safe for customers, because you can not find a way to get your money back after you got some problems for your products. Here I suggest you to choose a site with various payment methods but don’t with credit card payment directly. For instance, you can choose credit card via PayPal so that you can still get your money when you have some problems with your products.

Choose a place with handmade gold for sale
As we all know that your account will be banned with using any bots or macros to farm gold in the game, handmade gold must be the only choice for players. What’s more, you must have noticed that Blizzard had announced some accounts were banned for several reasons just few days ago. And it’s not the first time that Blizzard gives such an announcement for all players. And so, for all players, you must be sure where you choose to buy Diablo 3 gold must be handmade by some gamers but not machines.

All these aspects are really do matter for all Diablo 3 players. If you want find an exactly safe place to buy d3 gold without being banned, you may try CheapDiablo, Diablocheap or Diablohome. I find that these three sites are really great.

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