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The Truth Behind Diablo 3 New Patch

1.0.3 The aim is to undermine the attack on everyone to try to repair
Diablo 3 Gold economic system close to collapse and extend the lifespan of the game

5Buff fall installed is not sugar-coated bullets, improving the surface of the drop to cover the fact of falling swap rates and the declining quality, and cause the game to play no fun

In an attempt to cut the child Tiguan, turning the falling bodies Bot confrontation, simple and crude, but deprived of part of the fun of the game for normal players

If you are in 1.0.3 before they could farm act 3 and act 4, then you either give up or sell. But it is not important, you’re just in this little part of the group.

The 1.0.3 on the surface seem to make the game better, but Blizzard to make money at the expense of too much fun the game of course, is not to say the Blizzard to charity, do not make money, but we play the game not to give money, but to enjoy the game, if a manufacturer makes a profit at the expense of players of the game fun, then gave up longer-term interests. In fact, better use to withdraw the paintings, and their like this anxious to make money and yet still not the player’s user experience, better to design a good game to test the work done enough to retain users long-term.

Only this time, let the Blizzard in the heart of the players have lost credibility, lost years to build a better image and reputation. I can hit the Blizzard critical equipment is not because people can grow act 3, will allow me to sell things. I hope we do not want someone to take the game when work and play equipment for the money the way. Before me, a part of the equipment sold to AH, a part MRAH sale, but all parts sold or currency battle net, not a penny is made, all re-used to buy better equipment above I also enjoy this fun game.

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