Do you think Diablo 3 Has Made Every Player Angry

The sale and purchase of equipment In addition, the game became a career of some people, also allows players to very offensive, so players want the game companies to consider the introduction of offline mode, that is, players play their own. There are still players in the video game company, said: Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 well, we know that you can spend $ 60 to buy players to play in a no loopholes, no seeds have not to worry about server crashes the game In short, the player on Diablo 3 Gold somewhat dissatisfied with current performance.

Diablo may be a concern of the most classic game series, a book production and the work culture in the world, many players, the work of two previous generations of stand-alone version of the game, 3 and name of the work to a greater extent rely on the network, allow players to more angry, it’s Diablo 3 delay and errors in maintained, in addition, many players are hacking, server instability, and within the game there are some procedural errors. In fact, these problems almost all games online, you may encounter, however, before the performance is too high, and production work and the previous generation worked 12 years apart, so that players have expectations very high, high expectations lead to gap so that players can not stand the Diablo 3 poor performance.

Blizzard’s priority is to improve the Diablo 3 experience of the network model, the original departure from the stand-alone mode so that many of the players were unhappy with the quality of implementation online networking and full of gaps, how to give players accounts. Second, the Diablo 3 is currently some confusion of the game environment, Blizzard should make every effort to introduce the following patch changes, and improve the quality and balance of the game more importantly, Blizzard should strictly control the Diablo 3 brush up to fight against the money to drill holes of play and illegal conduct trade in gold should not be allowed to Diablo 3 completely reduced to a professional player play Cheap Diablo 3 Gold.