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Diablo3 gold
Diablo3 gold

Crafting in Diablo 3 begins with the Blacksmith. You get him shortly after starting the game and he is found in town in Act 1. When you get the blacksmith, you will notice that he can use a few things – tomes of training, common scraps, and subtle essences. These are all things you can find out in the game world

The first thing about our Crafting Diablo 3 strategy guide is the tome of training. In the game world, these drop as Pages of Training. Once you get 5 pages of training in your inventory, right click on them to turn them into 1 tome of training.

Once you get your Tome of Training, head back to the blacksmith in town. He can break down your blue items into subtle essences and common scraps. Once you get all that done, you can use these materials with the Tome of Training to train your Blacksmith.

Training the blacksmith not only increases his experience, but also gives him new recipes. These recipes are very useful when leveling up, especially if it is your first character, as these items tend to have better stats than anything you will actually find in the game world.

That is how Diablo always worked anyway – the items you find when leveling up are just good enough to get by, and as you got to be a higher level you would eventually find gear that was good for low level players which you could trade a bunch of away for high-level very rare gear. Crafting helps make the items you make to “get by” easier.

Additionally, if you get good crafts, you will find that certain items like gloves and boots actually can have the best rolls from crafting. This means that good crafted gloves and boots can yield an untold amount of money or gold on the auction house.

It is the recommendation of this crafting Diablo 3 strategy guide to craft often and train your Blacksmith regularly so you can access these top recipes.