How To Play As Solitary Player In Morrowind Of The Elder Scrolls Online

If the player has spent a lot of time playing role-playing games, chances are he or she has greatly improved their individual adventures skills, and those skills will also apply to the massive multiplayer universe of The Elder Scrolls Online, and especially to the recent TESO: Morrowind.

Here are seven tips for solitary players in Morrowind:

1. Playing With Class
To play Morrowind you have to create the appropriate character for the task. For example, it is interesting to take into account the new class that comes with Morrowind: the Warden, one of the most entertaining options for individual play for two reasons. The first, because some of their offensive abilities can be improved so that they also give them defensive advantages, such as healing or resilience. And the second, because very early in the adventure the Warden will have the opportunity to unlock the Feral Guardian ability, which provides the ability to summon a bear that fights next to the player, so even in the individual game, the player You do not have to be alone.

2. Orientation
Morrowind is big and packed with new and interesting places to explore. However, even if half the fun is provided by the trip, it can sometimes be dangerous to travel alone. There are some useful ways to travel that will be interesting for those who do: First there are the Silt Striders, huge insects that are domesticated to take travelers from one city to another, which will allow shortcuts to most of the major settlements in Vvardenfell. Some cities also have shipowners who can quickly take the player to other ports. And then there are the Wayshrines, a portal that allows teleportation between one temple and another.

3. Missions
From a slave rescue from a corrupt government to destroying the entire island of Vvardenfell from destruction, Morrowind is well loaded with missions, all of them important and complex, in which the individual player can participate. In addition completing missions will provide the player with top quality equipment objects that will be especially useful for solo players who do not have a group to exchange items with.

4. Equipment
Traveling alone through the unexplored regions of Vvardenfell will mean that the player will not have anyone to keep your backs. Therefore, it is better to have the necessary tools to face any situation, and to collect all the objects that the player finds in his path. Weapons and armor can be sold, or even dismantled and obtained raw materials and ingredients can be converted into potions and foods to sell or save for later consumption.

5. Ride Big Mount
The mounts are especially useful for solo play, they serve to travel great distances quickly, to escape from difficult situations, and to increase the capacity of load.

6. Improvements
Food and drink may temporarily increase the player’s reserve of magic, health or stamina. Potions can increase damage, stamina, speed or invisibility.

7. Getting Extra Help
If the player needs extra help, chances are the Crown Store will have what it needs. From repair kits to powerful healing potions, from nutritious meals to scrolls that help you level up faster, from soul gems to potions, the Crown Store has everything you could need or want.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is now available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.