The Elder Scrolls Online Will Receive The Addition Of Horns Of The Reach

The company Bethesda announced that the next addition to the role-playing online game The Elder Scrolls Online will be called Horns of the Reach.


With the new addition, two new dungeons will come into play. The first of these is the Bloodroot Forge, an ancient, long forgotten smithy recently discovered by the Reachmen and their minotaur allies. This smithy, created by the Daedric prince Hircine, is rumored to be able to create weapons of incredible power. The second dungeon Falkreath Hold will send players to the besieged township. New dungeons will be available in the normal and veteran mode, they are waiting for you to meet with old and new enemies.

Together with the paid DLC, a free 15th update will be installed, which will bring a new Battlegrounds, Arcane University. This map is located in the Imperial City, it has many high platforms and sophisticated teleports. There will also be a new mode for fights, Chaosball. In it you need to keep the ball as long as possible, but the longer the ball is in one team, the lower its defense, the weaker the healing and the higher the damage caused by the ball. Access to the new Battlegrounds and the new regime will be granted only to the owners of the Morrowind add-on.

Addition Horns of the Reach will be released in August and will be free for all ESO Plus subscribers. More news about ESO focus on our site.